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Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2012 at 6:36pm CST by fcd9b874

Company: Dell Inc

Location: US

Category: Other

I ordered XPS 15 with Wireless Mobile Broadband 5620 Verizon on 2/21/2012. I received an email on 2/23/2012 confirming my mobile activation is completed sucessfully. Up to today, my order is still showing as " order processing " I called customer services yesterday and they told me there is an issue for my Dell Preferred Account. They are unable to authorization but I see my Dell Preferred Account balance is included this purchase already. I called the Account customer service, they said they can see my order and they shouldn't be an issue. I got transferred to three different persons for the issue and being held on the phone for ONE FULL HOUR. I have no idea what is issue and the problem. I got transferred, held up to wait for them updating something. Every two minutes, I would hear her apology for the delay then put me on hold again. After ONE FULL hour, everything should be fixed now and I will still need to wait to confirmation by email to tell me when I will have my laptop. I get charged for next day services but my order was placed on 2/21 and today is 3/01. I didn't receive any kind of notification for problem to process the order. The order is just sitting there and I will still get charged the same way for the shipping. What the hell is now?


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