Sofa Mart - Sofa Mart - poorly constructed / low quality

Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 2:12pm CDT by b98cf02b

Product: 37th Avenue Collection - Melrose style

Company: Sofa Mart

Location: 6745 Ingram Road


Category: Products, Services

I purchased a sofa and two accent chairs from Sofa Mart. My husband I were very impressed with them at the time of purchase. We were specifically looking to get away from the typical S-bar construction, and these offered an innerspring coil system similar to that of a mattress. We paid around $1700 cash for all three pieces.

These are made to order, so after several weeks, they were finally delivered. I had purchased two chairs, and one of them looked used - one nice and puffy, the other completely deflated. I was told by the delivery people that they are supposed to deliver no matter what, then the store can deal with any problems later. I thought, if I let them leave this chair here, I'm stuck with it, how am I going prove that it doesn't look that way because of me, so I refused it and wrote everything on the paperwork. I don't know what ever happened to that chair, but it took several days for me to convince them that I did not receive it. It was damaged and returned and I wasn't hiding it somewhere. Finally they agreed to replace it, but I had to wait several more weeks for a new chair to be constructed. When that one finally came, the fabric was a different shade. I let the store know, but this was already over 2 months after the sale. They had my money, I had furniture, they didn't care about much else. After all the hassle it had been to replace the first chair they made it clear that they were not going to take them both back and replace them with two matching chairs. They acted like I was crazy and this was an impossible request, and I was getting what I asked for by sending the first one back. After all, how could I expect that they match unless they are cut from the same bolt of fabric. They won, and I let it go and kept them.

Despite all of the headache it was just to get the furniture, that was just the beginning. They were made of a chenille type fabric, and after a few months, the fabric was pilling all over, it looked terrible! I would expect some pilling, but this was excessive and it went on for months. Not wanting to deal with their customer service dept, I just used a fabric shaver to remove the balls and hoped it wouldn't completely disintegrate. After a few more months of use, you could feel the frame boards through the padding in the arms. You could also feel the front frame board through the seat cushion, and the fabric in this area was starting to get holes. Upon inspection, I noticed that there were several staples all on top of each other, and that the metal rubbing on the fabric was the cause of the holes. You'd think this were a manufacturer defect, but I was told there was no warranty on the fabric. With no hope of getting any action from the manufacturer, we just ignored it. The cushions covered the holes, and we would move seats when the boards in one area became unbearable. Fast forward a year or so, and the seat cushions have no density left, you can feel the springs through them. The front frame board completely wore through the fabric and I can see that there wasn't even any cushion covering the board that contained the staples. I don't know what the staples were meant to hold, there was nothing there. All three pieces were like this, so I guess this is standard construction for them? Piles of staples into a bare board with no use other than to poke through the fabric? They literally hurt to sit on for more than 15 minutes, and it is just a matter of time before the boards wear through the fabric on the arms the way they did on the front. Definitely not the quality we expected, the spring coil may last for years, but everything around it is garbage!


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