All Pay - SASSA grant administrator

Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 12:00pm CDT by 205aec70

Product: Grant administrator

Company: All Pay

Location: Jhb, Ga, ZA

Category: Other

Hi on Wednesday i went 2 collect the child grant the grant administrator was being so rude 2 the elderly infront of his supervisor. However when it was turn he caughed rudely in my face i politely asked him 2 pls close his mouth when he caugh, he became so rude n shoved me with the card i then grabbed it n thats when he hit my arm so hard poked n pointed me in my face threatened 2 beat me n promiss 2 stop my child grant. I reported him but there's no help or update.


4beef4a2, 2014-02-04, 06:00AM CST

I lost my card during a pickpocket with the money,i went to Bishop Lavis civic with my id and was told i need an avidavit it cost me to take a taxi to the police station and back to the civic,when i came back i was told the lady who handles the cards is not there yet and shes supposed to be there long time ago,i took a seat with the other people then she arived after 10am,after one person she said the system is off,then she help about 10 people then she said shes going on lunch and after that she wont be able to help further coz the place is closing at 14:15,how unfair,when i told her i was waiting on her whole morning then she said its not her problem.what do they think of us,we are also human.

d0b31344, 2014-06-12, 05:30AM CDT

I applied in may 2013 on the 20th I got a paper say wait for approvel since then ive been waiting.i also phone George office for enquiries they olways say the amount is big and they waiting for management signature which in change but stil not yet that has been done.Fellows im dependent on this granr till myhealth get well and the medication Is too mush pls help me my cell no is 0781552551 pls help me and my family hopefull ill hear from you thank you

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