Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 1:55pm CDT by 58cd8c08

Product: Customer Support


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TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE...As a new customer I ordered a product (on a Thursday) then went to pay for same. While on the "check out" page I saw under shipping terms that they had a 2 day delivery option (keep in mind I am a new customer) this option only states it is $23.80 for 2 day delivery it does not say anything about seeing "THEIR" shipping page for FULL TERMS (being new I did not even know they had a shipping page) there two was also no link to their to get to their shipping page...again it only stated something like 2 day shipping for $23.80. I then order the product, just like any consumer I expected the product to be delivered 2 days later, that would of been did not also did not arrive on Sunday. Also note the item I was buying was only $17.95 so yes $23.80 the shipping alone was costing me more thant the product. On Monday I call them to ask were my product is, this is when after waiting a long time on line and finally a customer service rep. picks up, that I am told that UPS does not ship on the weekend (of course I know that is not true because I own my own business and have gotten numerous stuff from then on the weekend), then the go and state well it states that we ship 24 hours after the rcv the order on the "Shipping" page on their web-site. I explain to them that 1 I am a new customer 2. that I did not know they had a specific "shipping" web page; and 3 that during check out and for that 2 day shipping option it does not state on this shipout page that they do not ship on weekends and that or that there is a link to the "shipping page" for full terms, had there been I would of looked at it, and whet with a standard shipping of which had a fee of less than 8 buck (this takes 7 days) and it is now 4 days later. Then since customer service could not help, I asked for a supervisor, was transferred and got a voice machine and left a message, explaing my concerns. I got a call back then return a call to the supervisor only to again get a voice machine. Finally I spoke with a supervisor who explained to me the same thing the customer service rep did, I attempted to tell the above and that it was not fair that during the checkout link it made no reference to "see shipping page full terms" and again as new customer how was I to know they even had such a page, she explained that there was nothing she could do for me. Terrible service / lack of proper disclosure while checking out.


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