The Holmes Group: - Why can't Mike Holmes make it right?

Posted on Sunday, March 18th, 2012 at 5:50pm CDT by 069cc15f

Product: Mike Holmes Magazine

Company: The Holmes Group:

Location: P.O. Box 40581 Six Points Plaza P.O. 5230 Dundas Street W
Toronto,, On, M9B 6K8, CA

Category: Other

I subscribed to the Holmes Magazine back in September 2011 and received two copies only. Since then I have contacted the magazine and Dauphin Media several times to get a refund without success. Holmes magazine does not or will not reply to emails. I was able once to reach them by phone and they told me to call Dauphin Media. Holmes Magazine no longer responds to phone calls.

Dauphine media does not reply to emails either. I reached them once by phone and they told me to fax them copies of my subscription invoice and proof of payment and told me that I would receive a refund. I did as required weeks ago but nothing has happened. They no longer respond to telephone calls.

I desperation I contacted the Holmes Group but they have ignored me and I have never heard from them. My experience with Mike Holmes has been nothing but frustrating and a great disappointment. At this point I am angry and exasperated. I had expected something far better from him and his organization that has the motto make it right. It seems that he is neither able to make it right and has no interest in trying to do so. Shame on him and his company.

Does anyone know how to get him to pay attention?


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561afced, 2012-06-01, 05:07PM CDT

We too have experienced a great deal of frustration in attempting to get a refund for our subscription to the Holmes Magazine. Attempts to register our complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Canada have failed in that we have been unable to identify Mr. Holmes true corporate entity. We have however sent a copy of the Holmes Group "your problem letter" plus an overview of our extreme disatisfaction with the Holmes Group attitude towards hundreds of thousands of subscribers to CBC Marketplace who, on 2 separate occasions, spotlighted Mr. Mike Holmes. We would strongly recommend anyone else annoyed with this situation, do the same. There email address is marketplace Attention Erica or Bill. Anyone aware of Holmes Corporate Identiy, please advise this site and we will be happy to advise the BBB of Canada of this rip-off.

561afced, 2012-06-01, 05:32PM CDT

Another avenue is to go to and voice your complaints at the "Contact Us" site and send it directly to the Holmes Group.

4e761d24, 2012-10-07, 01:35PM CDT

Stop complaining about a contractor who is not a publisher ! the man was probably (most certainly ) paid to have his name on the magazine . he is probably contractually obligated to contribute to a minimum of articles. Since you know who the publisher is (Dauphin ) then address them in your complaints . You are obviously one of those litagious jerks that cause everything to be more expensive than it needs to be! suck it up!

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