Leafbusters - Leafbusters Gutter Guard only works partially

Posted on Sunday, March 18th, 2012 at 9:37pm CDT by 4679bf9e

Product: Gutter Guard

Company: Leafbusters

Location: 675 Basin-Olinda Road Olinda Victoria 3788
Vi, 3788, AU

URL: http://www.leafbusters/

Category: Other

I had gutter guard installed at a significant cost to my gutters a few years ago and was told that I would not have to worry about accumulation of leaves in my gutters after that and that I would not have to check them again. In the last 6 months I noticed an accumulation of a large volume of leaves along the front gutters in my house to the extent that you can see it from the road. The house is two stories high and the pitch of the roof very steep so I do not feel confident climbing up to see (nor to I have a ladder long enough). This is why I got the product in the first place so I didn't have to worry about checking my gutters. I called leafbusters and a representative called me back within a few hours and said the leaves were not in my gutter but on the gutter. I said either way they were still accumluating and requiring attention. She said I would have to pay a call out cost if someone from the company came to check the problem. I feel this is unfair given the product is only doing half the job. If you look at the promotional photos on the website it looks like accumulation of leaves won't occur when you have this installed and that the leaves should "slide" off cause problems. It makes me wonder why I went to the expense of getting the product now that I still have to solve the problem myself or incur a call out cost


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