General Electric - It could have Killed me

Posted on Friday, March 16th, 2012 at 5:56pm CDT by 8f71b591

Product: GE Glass stovetop

Company: General Electric

Location: US

Category: Other

I recently put a pot of water on my glass GE stove top and went into the living room. About 2 minutes later I heard this deafening boom. I returned to the kitchen and the entire stovetop had exploded and sent shards of glass, some of them 8 to 10 inches long, across the kitchen. If I had been in the kitchen at the time, it would have seriously maimed me at the least or could have killed me outright. After 4 months of trying to get GE to replace and install another stove top, they have decided to charge me for a new stove top and installation because "It is out of warranty". I asked them if the original warranty covered explosions and they admitted it did not so I asked them if explosions weren't covered in the warranty what did it matter if it was under warranty or not? I asked them if they designed their stove tops to explode. They said they didn't so I told them if you don't design them to explode, then the stove tops which do explode must be defective. They then said that they couldn't be sure that I hadn't done something to cause it to explode so I told them they couldn't prove that I had so it was a moot point. One tech told me that if something like a frying pan or a food can were dropped on it, that could cause microfissures which later could cause it to explode. Do they expect people to inspect the stovetop with a magnifying glass everytime before they use it? What if they miss a microfissure when the inspect it? Is it then the consumer's fault if it kills them? If GE techs are aware that this could happen, shouldn???t GE warn consumers or initiate a recall of the stovetops? Is it possible that they feel that it would be less expensive to pay damages for injuries than to do a recall?

Searches online have shown other glass stovetops from other manufacturers have also exploded. I hope that no one is ever hurt by their product in the future but, if they ever are, I hope they (or their survivors) wind up owning GE.

This is a multi-million dollar corporation and it would probably cost them less than $100 to do the right thing but instead they price a new stove top at over $500 plus close to$200 dollars for installation. My next stove top will definitely not be glass. I hope you can bring this to the public's attention before someone IS hut or killed.

Dr. John L. Hill

Tucson Arizona



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