GE Capital Retail Finance / Walmart Card - GE Capital Retail Finance is a Deciteful Liar

Posted on Friday, March 16th, 2012 at 11:38pm CDT by 14f85454

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I was recently sent a pre-approval letter for a Walmart Credit Card and was declined. I had recently opened a couple of credit accounts one of them (Firestone) I decided not to use and paid cash for tires instead. I know my credit score was low but I always pay my bills on-time all of my credit cards and loans have outstanding histories, including one with GE Capital Retail Finance. The letter stated that I could be declined if, "I no longer meet the criteria" but I was declined without any change to my credit. I found this to be very deceptive and after three calls to GE Capital I found myself nearly in tears. After receiving the pre approval letter I thought out my budget and decided to apply, I normally shop at Target with an occasional stop at Walmart. I thought OK I'll give Walmart a shot and switch from using my Target card. When I was declined I decided to call and ask about the reason I was told it was a mistake and that there were two applications in the system and that they would review the pre-approval one and send me a card or a decline letter in ten days. I waited eleven days and no letter or card. I called again and was told my application was lost and could not be found and that I should go to a store and reapply. I spoke to a supervisor and she told me I was declined and that she could not speak to me about it without the letter they didn't send me. All in all I found this deceitful so I called my current GE Capital card number and promptly paid off my $400.00 balance. I plan on closing the account straight away but I am weighing the effect on my credit. None the less GE Capitol will not make one penny off of me any time in the near future. Unfortunately Walmart's name is tied to this very rude action against me , so for the time being nobody in my household is to shop at Walmart, Target only. My credit is trustworthy and your people treated me like garbage, thanks very much, it shows me how much you have appreciated my business over the years.

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