Shell Canada - Unco-operative and rude cashier

Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2012 at 12:47am CDT by a86c2316

Product: Sam

Company: Shell Canada

Location: 11151 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, On, L4S 1L2, CA


Category: Other

All I wanted to do is to find out how much would it cost to purchase a shell gas station in that vibrant area in Richmond Hill. What I got was a rude and racist reply from this cashier by the name of Sam who works over there. He told me that it wasn't worth my money and that I should go back to the Philippines and make a living there. Being a generous and noble Canadian of Filipino heritage, I FIND THAT OFFENSIVE and do not forgive that man Sam who, judging by his accent, is of South Asian descent himself. He then told me to leave because I was taking up other customers time when there was no customer behind me and the area didn't seem busy. He then went to the back to ignore or call the police. So I left this despicable man. He looks like he's been doing that to other Filipinos who live in that area because I received a lot of complaints from my friends that he was treating almost every Filipino customer with disrespect. I want head office to investigate this man by the name of Sam and punish him severely by firing him or something.


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