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Posted on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 at 7:12am CDT by c104dc90

Product: Fraud reports

Company: TNT courier

Location: TLV, IL

Category: Other

TNT courier services: UN PROFESSIONALISM and FRAUD tracking statements!!

After waiting whole day, canceling lot of important meetings, calling TNT office again and again,

I notice they wrote in the tracking a FRAUD! statement! - RECEIVER REFUSED DELIVERY AWAITING

INSTRUCTION FROM SENDER!!! - only after writing lot of notes in the TNT page, they sent it at night.

In any case this is the last time I use TNT (was not my choice, I already instruct ALL my suppliers

over the world NEVER work TNT and moreover, I tried to ask many times (more then a week!!!) for

some manager to talk with - NOTHING YET!!! as they really dont understand the big damage to my

company as suppliers read that I DONT WANT THEIR GOODS!. make me a crooker....

The story will be in few other open places that they will not be able to block me, just to warn other

people being aware of TNT services and to inform TNT potential investors also.

I did short questionnaires and looked for other TNT complains yes, I have many of it, I have even

some that taking legal position and will law-suit them for big damages, I think to joint also soon.

Lucky that we have lot other delivery options with better service, no frauds reports, with reliable

tracking information that we can work with and relay on.

Y. Rubinstein. [email protected]


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