Chapman Chrysler Jeep - Scam To Renegotiate terms from their screw up

Posted on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 at 8:29pm CDT by 6ebeccc5

Product: Vehicle

Company: Chapman Chrysler Jeep

Location: Henderson, NV, US


Category: Other

This Dealership is a Total Scam. Please sit back and listen to this. Do Not use This Dealership at all. I warn you. I sent three people to this dealership and all of them are having problems with the finance department who lies through his teeth by the name of Tony and the Sales person named Kosta.

It all started when my wife went to purchase a car by Chapman. They approved her for the Car and she went home and was very happy. A week later they car her back saying she needed to bring the car for a GPS device to be installed, Standard procedure they said. They Then told her that her financing department said that they called her and told her she had a failed interview.... They Lied, My wife was never called and she showed her call list to them which then they changed the story.

They then said she could not take the car home and she would have to get things straight tomorrow. She asked for her check back for the down payment and they said they cannot do that until they get to the bottom of who was lying. They finally found out that they themselves were lying and they messed up on the paper work and were avoiding the phone calls. They had the receptionist send us to wrong extensions, extensions that were dead, and voice mails. This went on for three whole days until i got fed up with the whole ordeal and they started bring out the Marine in me. I called finally and a guy named John resolved the issue by at least getting us our down payment returned. This is the most crazy situation I have ever run into with a dealership... I advise if you don't want to deal with drama from this dealership who hides from it's customers and gets arrogant with it's customers over the phone because of their screw up than don't use this dealership at all...

I am not finished with this. I am placing a lawsuit in now for breach of contract....


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