Judge David Philip Kreider - Corrupt Judge David P. Kreider now taints the election process - 2012 (acts from his base in Gator Country)

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Company: Judge David Philip Kreider

Location: Alachua County Family & Civil Justice Ctr 201 East University Avenue, Room 202
Gainesville, FL, 32601, US

URL: http://www.circuit8.org/kreider/

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05/07/2012 (Addendum "A" for update #1 | Ex - Chief Judge Martha Lott's "guilty mind")

04/25/2012 ("Ongoing addendum" to footnote "A")

04/24/2012 (Addendum "A" for update #2)

04/23/2012 (Update #4)

04/18/2012 (Footnote "A" - Online Content)

04/13/2012 (Update #3)

04/09/2012 (Update #2 / Breaking News)

03/27/2012 (Update #1)

03/14/2012 - *DATE OF INCEPTION


Today, 03/14/2012, I've posted this message because the public needs to know the following information.


NOTICE: Urls of multiple online documents are included below. To view those documents copy & paste the associated urls into your web browser. Within this page the urls are not active (i.e. the urls are not clickable links).

Regarding Florida's recent high public corruption ranking; swift and "heavy handed" action needs to be taken to stamp out the corruption pronto. The authorities should next tackle corrupt Judge David P. Kreider (who also functioned during previous years spanning 1993 thru 2010 first as a prosecutor and then as a prosecutorial division chief) and all of his corrupt cronies. The following are undeniable facts that should concern the public:


During the latter part of 2011 various agencies were made aware of proven criminal activities carried out under the color of law by Judge David P. Kreider and various co-conspirators during and following the "Gibson Case". Those agencies were the recipients of a comprehensive report detailing the crimes.


On 01/17/2012, 01/18/2012, etc. various agencies received an "additionally damning" 6-page follow-up to the aforementioned report.


On either 02/15/2012 or 02/16/2012 the well-publicized story about Florida's reportedly high public corruption ranking broke (the story followed the release of the "...Anti-Corruption Report Number 5" which was published on 02/15/2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Political Science and the Illinois Integrity Initiative of the University of Illinois' Institute for Government and Public Affairs...the anti-corruption report can be viewed at http://www.uic.edu/depts/pols/ChicagoPolitics/leadingthepack.pdf ).


On 02/16/2012 Judge David P. Kreider was summarily appointed to the county canvassing board in and for Alachua County, Florida.

For the record, the report referenced above in #1 and the combined supporting evidence span more than 100 pages. All of the documents are detailed, organized, and comprehensive; and they evidence the irrefutable fact that various criminal activities (through what would best be described as a willful and egregious ongoing criminal act) have been perpetrated by Judge David P. Kreider and others. Two of the agencies referenced above (each referenced in both #1 and #2) are as follows:


The Alachua County Family and Civil Justice Center (which is in the 8th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida and under the administration of Chief Judge Martha Lott)


The State Attorney's Office of the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida (and its Chief Investigator Spencer Mann)

It goes without saying that, although various "questionable" political interests might desire/need Judge David P. Kreider to be on the canvassing board, the citizens of Alachua County (a.k.a. "Gator Country") don't need his "poison" tainting the public's election process. Better stated, neither the citizens of Alachua county, the citizens of Florida, nor the citizens of the United States of America need David P. Kreider's involvement tainting any of the elections. For reference, the public judicial Order appointing corrupt Judge David P. Kreider to the canvassing board can be viewed at the following two links:



B - backup copy


*Replace the above "-at-" with simply an ampersat (i.e. the symbol for "at") in order to make the link function.


OFFICIAL UPDATE #1 (03/27/2012):

The above referenced backup copy was initially hosted at the link http://www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/7798153/img/XXXX153.jpg. However, on or about 03/27/2012 the integrity of that link was somehow compromised.


ADDENDUM "A" FOR UPDATE #1 (05/07/2012):


The information referenced in this addendum serves as yet another testament to the criminal activities that are taking place...as stated previously, some of those criminal activities are taking place at the hands of various public servants within the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida. The Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida is comprised of six counties. Those counties are Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy, and Union. In what can best be described as a failed attempt to skirt accountability, and a failed attempt to mask her culpability, then-Chief Judge Martha Lott employed the tactic of utilizing electronic signatures during the execution of the wrongful Order appointing proven criminal David P. Kreider to the Alachua County Canvassing Board. [Note: Though it is a tactic that fails to attain the transgressors intended purpose once said transgressor's improprieties are revealed, it is a well known fact that dubious judges oftentimes attempt to escape culpability by avoiding manually signing orders that they nonetheless execute via their "alternative signatures".] Notably, except for that single 02/16/2012 Order, all of the county canvassing board appointment orders for the Eighth Judicial Circuit have been signed manually. Prior to her April 2012 resignation from her Chief Judge post--see update #2 below for information pertaining to the resignation--Martha Lott actually manually signed four of six of those orders herself (she manually signed the county canvassing board appointment orders for Baker, Gilchrist, Levy, and Union counties). She last executed a county canvassing board appointment order for Baker County back in August 2010. However, as recently as January 2012--merely the month before her execution of the wrongful Order--then Chief Judge Martha Lott manually signed county canvassing board appointment orders on three different days. The January 2012 orders are the orders that then-Chief Judge Lott signed for Gilchrist County, Levy County, and Union County. Apparently Stan Morris, one of the chief judges that preceded Martha Lott, manually signed the most recent county canvassing board appointment order for Bradford County. Those official county canvassing board appointment orders for Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy, and Union counties can be viewed at the below five urls:






Notably, Court Program Specialist Polly Cheshire also manually co-signed each of the three above referenced January 2012 county canvassing board appointment orders with then-Chief Judge Martha Lott. Of course she too also electronically signed the wrongful Order appointing proven criminal David P. Kreider to the Alachua County Canvassing Board. For the record, Judicial Assistant Stacy Thackrey manually co-signed the canvassing board appointment order executed for Bradford County by then-Chief Judge Stan Morris in 2004. Similarly, previous Judicial Assistant Priscilla Holloway manually co-signed the canvassing board appointment order executed for Baker County by then-Chief Judge Martha Lott in 2010.

An annotated composite back-up copy that also features the conspicuously electronically-signed order that wrongfully appoints proven criminal David P. Kreider to the Alachua County Canvassing Board can be viewed at the below url (each order is size-reduced but nonetheless legible):


*As was previously instructed, replace the "-at-" in the above url with an ampersat.


Some of the composite backup copy's smaller notes are challenging to read; therefore the notes that are typed in the smaller font have been included here as well (see below).

Regarding the notes in small red font on the Order pertaining to Alachua County; the smallest print atop the page reads "(*There is different commentary on the stand-alone backup copy of this county canvassing board Order. That copy version is posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/78444542-at-N04/7023295247/sizes/l/in/photostream/ .)"

*Once again, replace the "-at-" in the above url with an ampersat.

The small print atop the yellow oval on the bottom half of that same Order reads "This is evidence of Ex - Chief Judge Martha Lott's 'guilty mind'. This 6-part composite reveals that Martha Lott and Court Program Specialist Polly Cheshire deviated from the norm when then-Chief Judge Martha Lott executed this wrongful Order without any handwriting. The then-Chief Judge employed the tactic of using an electronic-signature in order to avoid manually-signing the wrongful Order that she nonetheless knowingly wrongfully-executed in her official capacity as the Chief Judge at that time."

Regarding the notes in small red font on the Order pertaining to Baker County, the smallest print atop the page reads " https://circuit8.org/web/canvas/Baker County Canvassing Board.pdf ". The small print that runs down the left edge of the Order reads "(a.k.a. https://circuit8.org/web/canvas/Baker%20County%20Canvassing%20Board.pdf )".

Regarding the notes in small red font on the Order pertaining to Bradford County; the two sets of smaller print atop the page read " https://circuit8.org/web/canvas/Bradford County Canvassing Board Appointment.pdf " and "(*As of May 2012 {the time at which this backup copy was created} this official 2004 document was still online at the above url.)" The small print that runs diagonally across the Order reads "(a.k.a. https://circuit8.org/web/canvas/Bradford%20County%20Canvassing%20Board%20Appointment.pdf )".


I can think of at least two places that Judge David P. Kreider and all of his co-conspirators should be practically immediately:


In the defendant seats during one or more criminal trials


In prison cells following their convictions

FYI, there are seven parties whose names appear on the aforementioned Alachua County Canvassing Board appointment Order. Those parties are as follows:

Martha Ann Lott, Chief Judge and executor of the Order

Polly Cheshire, Court Administration Personnel who was involved in disseminating the Order to some or all of the five below named parties

Denise R. Ferrero, Administrative County Court Judge & Order recipient

David P. Kreider, County Court Judge & subject of the Order / Order recipient

Ted McFetridge, Court Administrator & Order recipient

Pam Carpenter, Supervisor of Elections & Order recipient

Paula M. DeLaney, Chair of the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners & Order recipient

As history has shown time after time, it is imperative that an election's dignity not be compromised. Having stated that, this appointment of a reported and proven criminal only:


further embeds David P. Kreider in the judicial branch--via an action(s) that is for many reasons criminal itself--when in fact the process to complete the undertaking described below should already be well underway by regional authorities...if not already complete


David P. Kreider's blatant, multiple, felonious, willful, egregious, etc. criminal acts clearly warrant, amongst other things, his immediate ouster from--and permanent exclusion from--the judiciary (and all other areas of public service and the practice of law)],


compounds criminal/judge David P. Kreider's current criminal issue,


sullies the sanctity of the election process, and


automatically destroys the integrity of the region's upcoming 2012 election results and thus shall bring those same election results into question.



BREAKING NEWS on 04/09/2012

The scandal related to the "Gibson Case" has taken yet another big step towards it's complete unraveling. During recent months, due to the criminal acts perpetrated under the color of law in relation to the "Gibson Case", concerned parties who desire to see corruption stamped out and to see justice prevail have been the source of intense pressure upon various "insiders". As is evident from this complaint Chief Judge Martha Lott is one of those key "insiders". Today (04/09/2012) at 05:34 p.m. EST it was officially announced that Martha Lott had resigned from her post as Chief Judge on 04/05/2012. Were it not for her resignation Martha Lott's current term as Chief Judge would have expired on 06/30/2013. To review the official resignation announcement which ran in Alachua County's largest newspaper--"The Gainesville Sun"--visit the following url:


Robert E. Roundtree Jr. is now the Chief Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida. It is now Judge Roundtree's responsibility to promptly correct all of the problems alluded to and/or referenced within this complaint related to criminal/judge David P. Kreider and Judge Kreider's various co-conspirators.


ADDENDUM "A" FOR UPDATE #2 (04/24/2012):

This addendum has been included in order to provide followers with pertinent information pertaining to the official Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida press release that announced Martha Lott's April 2012 resignation from her Chief Judge post. The press release is dated April 10, 2012 and it was issued by Court Administrator Ted McFetridge. The brief two-paragragh / eight-line official Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida press release states essentially the following three things:


Martha Lott resigned from her Chief Judge post on April 5, 2012.

[Note: As is the case in the preceding and related April 9, 2012 "Gainesville Sun" announcement the reason for Martha Lott's resignation--a resignation reason which is, as is evident by this truthful complaint, imbued with criminality--is not specified.]


Judge Robert E. Roundtree Jr., a judge since 2002 and one who immediately prior to this new promotion handled civil and domestic cases in Levy and Gilchrist counties, was elected by his fellow judges to serve as the Chief Judge for the remainder of the current term. The current term expires on June 30, 2013.


Karen Wable is Judge Roundtree's Judicial Assistant. Ms. Wable's email address is wablek-at-circuit8.org and prior to April 23, 2012 she can be reached in Levy County at (352) 486-5348. After April 23, 2012 Ms. Wable can be reached in Alachua County at (352) 374-3644.

The url for the actual official Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida press release is as follows:


A backup copy of that official press release is at:


*Remember to replace the above "-at-" with simply an ampersat (i.e. the symbol for "at") in order to make the backup copy link function.


OFFICIAL UPDATE #3 (04/13/2012):

This update is to inform the public that recently--particularly within the recent weeks and recent days of high tension that led up to and followed Martha Lott's resignation from her Chief Judge post--various website links (better stated, links that display in search engine generated results) related to this imploding scandal have been manipulated. The presumption is that this interference is due to certain influential entities that desire to undermine the ongoing justice-focused effort and keep the truth hidden. As is evident from update #1, this is not the first instance in which related online content has been compromised. It is believed that these acts of online vandalism have been perpetrated by various parties whose modus operandi is to obfuscate the online history of this scandal. That being the case, this update is to inform concerned citizens of a few webpages that contain relevant content that pertains to Judge David P. Kreider's crimes and the resultant, and ever expanding, fallout. Although there are multiple information sources available online the following are but a few samples that concerned citizens can feel free to review. Various upstanding and concerned parties will work diligently to ensure that the information that the public needs to access is accessible no matter how many attempts at online vandalism are attempted or executed. Here are three webpages that all concerned citizens can visit:



(webpage created on 12/28/2011)



(webpage created on 12/28/2011)



(webpage created on 12/30/2011)


The above referenced LawlessAmerica.com webpage--and actually each other page of the LawlessAmerica.com website--was also recently compromised. On 03/29/2012 the entire LawlessAmerica.com website was hacked. So please excuse the few minor typographical errors that are noticeably present on the LawlessAmerica.com webpage. Unfortunately all of the cosmetic repairs haven't yet been fully completed. Nevertheless, rest assured that in its current state LawlessAmerica.com is fully operational and completely safe.


OFFICIAL UPDATE #4 (04/23/2012):

As previously stated within this complaint; multiple, blatant, willful, egregious, and felonious "criminal acts" have been carried out under the color of law by Judge David P. Kreider and his various co-conspirators during the course of an ongoing criminal act related to the "Gibson Case". As a testament to this fact these blatant criminal acts (criminal acts which have resulted in nightmarish victimization) and the exposed corruption within the 8th Judicial Circuit (corruption which has now impacted the 2012 election process) resulted in Martha Lott resigning from her Chief Judge post as of 04/05/2012. As indicated by this complaint various government officials, including regional public servants who would possibly be uninvolved in the ongoing criminal act were it not for their involvement as "accessories after the fact" (i.e. active or passive participants in the cover-up attempt which has followed the initial crimes), are aware of the crimes committed by Judge David P. Kreider and his various co-conspirators. With this criminal matter being the paramount reason for Robert E. Roundtree Jr.'s appointment as Chief Judge it goes without saying that two of his first orders of business should have been to immediately oversee the long overdue removal of David P. Kreider from (i) the Alachua County Canvassing Board and (ii) his position as an Alachua County judge. Due to the blatant and indisputable nature of the crimes committed those two measures should have immediately been executed as the first steps in what will likely be a long series of severe punitive steps. However, to date--more than two weeks after Chief Judge Martha Lott's resignation went into effect and more than four months after many of Judge Kreider's blatant crimes were formally reported--neither of the aforementioned corrective measures has been executed. By failing to promptly and publicly remove David P. Kreider from his position as an apparently practicing judge, and thereby end the ongoing charade, Chief Judge Robert E. Roundtree Jr. has shown that he, like others involved in this scandal, is not above breaking the law...especially when it comes to committing official misconduct (see the below two statements regarding Florida law as it relates to official misconduct).

Florida Statute 838.022(1)(c) states the following regarding official misconduct:

"It is unlawful for a public servant, with corrupt intent to obtain a benefit for any person or to cause harm to another, to...Obstruct, delay, or prevent the communication of information relating to the commission of a felony that directly involves or affects the public agency or public entity served by the public servant."

Florida Statute 838.022(3) states the following regarding official misconduct:

"Any person who violates this section commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084."

Regarding various individuals' "failure to act", it goes without saying that--as history has shown numerous times via countless busted scandals and the fallout resulting from those scandals--the magnitude of the official misconduct and the severity of the associated punishment increases by orders of magnitude with each day that passes that those individuals charged with administering justice continue to "fail to act" or continue to actively engage in the furtherance of the cover-up attempt.



This footnote has been documented in order to ensure that the credibility of this report remains fully intact. That being the case this footnote serves to inform the public of the following. The scam.com link referenced above in update #3 is for the scam.com thread that was created--created by a scam.com end user--regarding this David Kreider related corruption issue (it was and still is the main scam.com link--i.e. the link to which navigating scam.com will lead). As is evident from update #3 the thread was initiated back on 12/28/2011. The thread is titled "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption". By the beginning of April 2012 (about the same time Martha Lott resigned from her Chief Judge post), through no fault of any scam.com end user, search engine results for key words/phrases related to this corruption case would often yield the following four scam.com-related results (instead of the above link):









Upon the "spontaneous" creation of each of the above four threads each thread initially mirrored the original thread. In other words, each of the corresponding webpages for the above four threads was identical to the original thread (i.e. the thread referenced in update #3). This is supported by the fact that in the search results list generated by all online searches each of the above four threads, whenever their links appear in the list of search results, is also labeled "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption". Additionally, the first two threads appeared first and would result most often when online searches were conducted (they would actually result more often than the original thread). The third and fourth threads began to appear last; furthermore, they would appear less frequently when online searches were conducted. To be precise, the third and fourth thread listed above appeared less frequently than the links to all three of the other threads. However, as indicated in update #3, by early April various webpages had been altered. Although the "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption" label remained intact and would often appear upon the completion of an online search, when one clicked that selection they would most often be routed to the first two threads listed immediately above. Upon reaching those two webpages viewers would see the following.

Regarding thread http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=134231&goto=nextnewest:

An unrelated thread would appear. That unrelated thread was titled "Texas Judicial Conduct Commission Corrupt" and the thread displayed the creation date of 12/31/2011.

Regarding thread http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?p=1165380:

A message would appear. That message read "No thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator."

With the above two links often leading web surfers to an incorrect webpage or a "nonexistent" webpage the online history of the specified corruption was, as was stated in update #3, obfuscated to an extent (especially in instances when the search result listing for either of those two threads was the only listing having a corruption-related label within the first two or three pages of search results (this scenario occurred often). Thread #3 would rarely result--as would thread #4 which only started to appear on or about 04/18/2012--when searches were conducted. However, the few instances in which thread #3 and thread #4 would result they would always lead web surfers to a webpage containing correct information. In closing, the primary objective of this footnote is to inform readers that on or about 04/18/2012 (only after update #3 had been published and been in circulation for several days) the above two threads "spontaneously" stopped appearing in search results only to be replaced by the link to thread #4 above (a link which currently displays the correct information for the thread titled "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption"). This is the case even though there had been prior effort to remedy the problem. Only time will tell how much longer search engine results will continue to yield links to proper threads and webpages pertaining to Judge David P. Kreider's criminal acts. This particular matter won't be addressed again. However, should this type of manipulation (or other types of data manipulation) continue at least concerned citizens who are following this matter closely will understand why content appears online sometimes and then at other times preexisting content seems to disappear. This footnote further illustrates the fact that there are various things occurring that others are controlling.


FOOTNOTE "A" ADDENDUM (this is an "ongoing addendum" that was begun on 04/25/2012):

This section is devoted to the hyperlinks that are being spontaneously created by other parties for what seems to be the purpose of obfuscating the online history of this matter. Each time any such hyperlink is discovered it will be added to this section of the complaint. However, from this point forward, barring any special circumstances, so as to not allow this persistent "search engine sabotage" to result in the cluttering of this complaint page no update notice will appear at the top of the complaint page for updates to this potentially ever-changing section. As these new hyperlinks manifest online they will be listed below along with their dates of discovery and the descriptions of the webpages to which they lead.

http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?p=1170792 (04/23/2012)

As of 04/23/2012 the resultant "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption" webpage for the hyperlink immediately above displays a "No thread specified..." error message. Additionally, upon the emergence of this new hyperlink the associated webpage immediately lost all of its reestablished high search engine rankings and the related and reestablished high visibility. In other words, as of 04/23/2012 upon an online search being conducted for related keywords the "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption" webpage's hyperlink--a hyperlink which, in addition to yielding a working page, previously often appeared on the first page of search results--was found to have "dropped out of sight" and into obscurity. This is a recurrent problem that at this stage is, do to the unethical actions of others, apparently unavoidable.

The below hyperlinks were discovered on 04/25/2012. They too, as of 04/25/2012, are each labeled "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption"; however, these hyperlinks required an even deeper search in order to locate them. The description--the description as of 04/25/2012--of each corresponding webpage is included.


(webpage displays correct information)


(webpage displays correct information)


(webpage displays correct information)


(webpage displays a "404 not found" error message)


(webpage displays a "404 not found" error message)


(webpage displays correct information)

The below hyperlink was discovered on 04/28/2012. At the time of discovery the hyperlink was labeled "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption" and it appeared in the list of search results for at least one search engine. However, by 04/30/2012 the hyperlink had disappeared from search results and upon visiting the webpage one would find a "404 not found" error message.


The below hyperlinks were discovered on 04/29/2012. As of 04/30/2012, each of the hyperlinks were still labeled "'Gator Country' & Judge David Kreider corruption" and they each appeared in the list of search results for at least one search engine. The webpage that corresponds to each of the below hyperlinks displayed the correct information as of 04/30/2012.








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