Mattress Megacenter and More or Wholesale Mattress Center and More - Mattress Megacenter and More Sells Damaged and Refurbished Mattresses--they remove the

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 11:07pm CDT by 237c3428

Product: Mattress Stearns and Foster Oasis and Plaza Mattress

Company: Mattress Megacenter and More or Wholesale Mattress Center and More

Location: Mattress Megacenter and More 2200 N 3RD ST CHARLES MO 63301 Other location Wholesale Mattress Center and More 10041 MANCHESTER RD WARSON WOODS, MO 63122
St. Louis, Mi, 63122, US


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We went to Mattress Megacenter after calling and making an inquiry about new mattresses. We were told that they had a new Oasis Stearns and Foster Latex Mattress for $799.00. We were told that this was a new mattress and that it was factory warrantied. We received the mattress in November. After sleeping on it I developed back, hip and shoulder pain. I contacted the owner Scott and our sales person and let them know of the prob________________________________________

lem. In December they let me know that they would replace it but I would have to pay a fee of 25% since they couldn't sell it as new. After much discussion they agreed to exchange it for another new mattress. In early January after the salesman told me about the Plaza mattress that was new and was a solid latex I had it delivered. When the delivery person was placing it on the frame I notice that the tag (Federal penalty for removal) was not attached and it looked like it had been cut-off. I mentioned it to the delivery (salesperson) and he said it must of fallen-off. The next day I checked out the information about our new Plaza mattress and found out that it was coil and latex

constructed. I called Mike and he informed me that it was solid latex. I told him I did not want the mattress as I was misinformed and that the label was missing which is there to protect the consumer. I told him I wanted the Oasis Palermo and that I did not want a pillowtop since according to Mike that is what was damaged. They told me that it would be in and that were trying to locate one with a tag and no damage. I had waited two months and subsequently went to a spine doctor for the severe pain in my neck shoulder and lower back. I am now receiving physical therapy. I contacted the Mega Mattress Center on 3/10/12 and let them know that I did not want the mattress and since they have not located a mattress since January that I wanted my money back. Scott the owner stated that I could get a full refund on both Saturday and Sunday. When I asked him what time would they pick it up and when would he call me back he stated that "I was getting pushy." He called later and said that they would arrange to have it picked up on Monday early evening. On Monday, I called and they stated they would be there after 6 p.m. When I called at to let them know I would be there at around 6:15 p.m. I was told by Jake that they were not refunding my money but they would give me a store credit to buy another mattress. I let them know that I did not want a refurbished mattress with the tag cut off which voids the manufacturers warranty. He told me that they have other restored mattresses. I let him know that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau.


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