Nationwide processing center - False advertisement / illigal money charges

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 9:11pm CDT by 2d080b6e

Product: Nationwide processing center

Company: Nationwide processing center

Location: 5752 Oberlin Drive
San Diego, Ca, 92121, US

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Dear Sir : I recieved an advertisement letter from Nationwide Processing Center Nov.2011 which introduces themselves as HUD, and charge my wife Fahimeh Sajjadi Arabi $4500.00 to per say "Modify" her loan. After few months which we discovered that they have nothing to do with HUD, we asked to refund our money back, Ms. Corrin who is the president of this company reffered us to Erica at :1-858-225-1367 to get our money back. So far we have recieved nothing but false promisse and the answer that we are processing your refund request. They are buying the time and they are doing nothing, in meantime our house loacated at: 5055 Hesperia Ave. Encino,Ca.91316 has goen under foureclosure and the date of sales auction has been set for March 12,2012. We did go through another company so we can post pond our sales date to June 8, 2012. So far I, Dr. John Sajjadi have called more than ten times and sent e-mail to Erica regarding our refund of $4500.00, but she is either do not respond to our e-mail or if she answers her phone, she puts me on hold for more than 11- 13 minutes , and when she comes back on the phone she does not give us an specific answer that when should we recieve our money back. This is a FRAUD and Cheeting.We need your help to get our money back.

God Bless you, and God Bless America.


Dr. John Sajjadi

Fahimeh Sajjadi Arabi

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Carol C., 2013-05-23, 01:27PM CDT

Tried 3 times with bank to get modification and was denied. 9/2/2011 signed a contract with Nationwide Processing Services, Inc. for a loan modification and paid upfront fee of $4,000. As of 7/31/2012 no modification and home went into Trustee sale for 9/6/2012. Cancelled NPS contract 8/21/2012. Contacted law firm who got us the house sale postponed for 9/6/2012 and got our bank loan modification in 20 days. Nationwide lied and said they got our modification - attorney has proof they did not. Filed in small claims for refund 1/28/2013 is court date. Filed complaints with BBB, Attorney General Office and Fair Trade Commission.

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