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Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 4:46am CDT by Adrian William O.

Product: Real Estate

Company: Century 21 Juan Perdomo

Location: CENTURY 21 Juan Perdomo Plaza Perdomo Calle Pedro Clisante # 73 Sosua, Puerto Plata Dominican Republic
Puerto Plata, So, 10520, TH

URL: http://www.juanperdomo.com

Category: Other

Re: Purchase of #18 Playa Laguna

On or around the middle of March 2005 I bought and made a transaction of a house from Century21 and Guido was the acting attorney for the sale of the property namely # 18 Playa Laguna, Sosua, Puerto Plata. At your head office in Guido Perdomos office Plaza Perdomo, Calle Pedro Clisante # 73, Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in the presence of myself Adrian William O'Callaghan, My Now ex-wife Katy O'Callaghan, Namibia Ciriac listing the property and the names Alex Leemans and his wife Anabela acting as realtor's & finally the seller of the said property at that time in March of 2005.And as it turns out Alex and his wife know about this problem with the house deeds at the time of selling me this property.

Unfortunately and regrettably it has come to light and has been noted on the selling of the house between myself and the prospected buyer with the help of the buyers attorney it was discovered from going through the process of selling and sorting out some paper work for exchanging contracts, someone has made a claim that they own the said property namely above in this complaint.

So it turns out that the attorney Guido Perdomos didn't check the title search and it wasn't complete and has now left me with a property I can't sell...!

I have made lots of contacts with this company and with Guido directly but with no reply to any of my complaints so my big question is what sort of company doesn't reply to your complaints? (THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU USE THEIR SERVICES) it's no joke when you invest your money only to find out later that the company you trusted has neglected their duties in making and finding out all the information with neglected to look after the buyer when making the purchase at the said property above.

Here are some of my emails to give you an idea of what it is I'm up against.


Dear Guido/Juan Perdomo,

As you are fully aware I have sent you a letter of complaint on the 27th Jan 2012 at 10:22 hours.

This now has become critical and I will start thinking about taking further actions of my letter and will now give you notice of my said action.

(1) I will start by complaining to the professional bodies of you practice of licencing law/attorney and request on having your licence of attorney removed from practice and send them copies of the letter and all email communications from my witnesses.

(2) Then I will complain to the main office of Century 21 and give them my full details of the complaints that I have against your companies and send them copies of the letter and all email communications. I have already made communication with Century 21 and have a complaint number

to return any further communications to them.

(3) I will set up Blogs/websites and use other websites/blogs already in existence on are on the internet like the Century 21 complaint blog Dr1 website giving all of the details in full about the way you handle your clients and business practices and how you don't respond to complaints when one is being sent to you.

And will also put a copy of my letter on the websites/Blogs that I have made up or have become a member of.

(4) I will at some point in the future take you and your companies to court within the Dominican Republic and will have key professional witnesses (NAME LEFT OUT) / (NAME LEFT OUT) to help me with my case against you.

Now as you can see when "NOT" if I do these things from steps 1 to 4 your company will be feeling some kind of loss and you will be having a "BIG" problem with handling the fluctuations of incoming concerns from your future clients.

I will make it my duty to have every given spare time in my life to make sure the above 1 to 4 will go ahead. And unless I hear from you or your company within seven days with some kind of compensation plan put together I will start using and taking these actions without notice to yourselves and, or your companies.


You have in your best interests to make communication to all parties concerned and are involved with this case and the selling of my house at the time of sale.

I will wait for your reply email within seven days.

P.S please find the copy of the letter I sent to you on the 27th of Jan.


Dear Guido/Juan Perdomo,

I have sent you a letter in the attachments as I have just found out that the property I purchased from you is in fact now in a dispute

and it is questionable to file a law suit against you because of your level of incompetence with inadequate Legal Work taking a deslinde title of 800 some m2 and a property that is just shy of 1300m2 and not wondering, verifying, taking measures to insure the property is as it should be or simply measuring his expertise since it would have been obvious to a professional like Guido who is dealing in real estate every day and should know his stuff in being a lawyer/solicitor that there was almost double the land than what the deslinde title says and made inquirers to see why there is a difference in land size!!!

So anyone who is looking for honesty and professionalism in the DR real estate market, I would not recommend Juan Perdomo Century 21 In any way or shape..!

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Adrian William O., 2015-04-28, 03:07AM CDT

"UPDATE" date: 28th April 2015

I'm letting all readers know I'm still haven't resolved the issue of Guido Perdomo and still trying to sell my house and having to get help from a person who I am in full contact with.

As it turns out he and his partner Namibia Ciriaco are holding my Delinda house deeds to ransom. I have requested my Deslinda documents to be presented to my power of attorney as he needs these papers to fight in the courts. They are refusing to give these important documents to my power of attorney unless I give them money.

This would prove all along just how bad and incompetents they have been and there were in the wrong by selling me land and property without any full research beforehand.

Furthermore Guido Perdomo hasn?t come forth or has 100% refused to help resolve or act with any help to courts when needed by my power of attorney.

Remember people, I?m the unhappy customer of this company acting the way they have.

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