B.Tech - Ariston Stove Maintenance

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 9:56am CDT by a7ac791e

Product: Ariston

Company: B.Tech

Location: 66 Ahmed El-Zomor street, District 8, next to HSBC, Nasr City
Cairo, EG

URL: http://www.btech.com.eg/

Category: Other

I have bought a stove last year, and after it was installed by B.Tech, I realized that the oven was not working properly. I contacted the company, they sent me a technician, only to try to convince me that the fact that the oven stops working every 10 minutes is a feature!

He cleaned the sensor and left. Of course he charged me the visit fees. Again after a few weeks, I contacted the company again, complaining about the same problem, again they sent me a technician who apparently did nothing, charged me, and left.

Every time they try the oven in front of me and it works fine, and then the next day, when I try to use it, it goes off again!

After a few trials like that we called and complained AGAIN, and the sent a technician, who said it's very obvious, the sensor is not working properly, and it's a manufacturing problem. And he promised to get the spare part within a week. He wrote down the warranty details and left.

That was over 3 weeks ago.. we called the guy 2 weeks later and asked why he hasnt shown up, he said you didnt show me the warranty and he was very rude on the phone, so we called the complaints department at B.Tech and they promised to send us someone else.

A few days later another technician called and said he'd come within an hour and never came and never returned our calls. We called again and complained again and the tecnician called today telling us to fax the warranty or he will not come!!!!!! so we called and complained AGAIN and the answer was: "why dont you just fax the warranty"!!!

So, they wasted weeks of our time waitng for them and they dont even bother solving the problem. They dont even try to face it.. they lied to us for over a year, trying to avoid changing the sensor and after a million complaints, that's the customer service that we get. We sent a complaint to the Ariston Company in Italy and we're going to complain to the CEO of B.Tech if nothing happens withing 24 hours.


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