Toshiba - Toshiba Satellite P505 Motherboard Failure

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 at 1:07pm CDT by 3c270eee

Product: P505-S8935

Company: Toshiba

Location: US


Category: Other

Motherboard failed on $1,000 laptop after 16 months--warranty was 12. Trustworthy computer repair store said this was a huge and known problem with our model (as well as one by HP). We contacted Toshiba who offered nothing, except advice on how to buy a new Toshiba. We Googled the problem and the store was correct--hundreds of people or more are having the same problem which prevents the computer from powering up. We bought from Toshiba because Laptops are all they make--we were wrong and will never buy again from them.


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