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Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 at 4:21pm CDT by 58c33969

Product: Minas Tirith Castle

Company: The Castle Works Company

Location: 14 Ellis st
Freehold, NJ, 07728, US


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My story

In 1997 I ordered a custom Helms Deep Castle (the version out of the David Day Beastiary book for about $900 USD and paid with a discover card check. He said 6 weeks to make. Well It took 8 years to get and it still was missing parts by 2005. I threatened to sue, and he amazingly pumped out my castle. You would think I learned my lesson?NOT.

In 2010, I emailed him asking about the Minas Tirith castle he had. He offered to make it for 50% off. I also got him to do his Helms Deep (the movie version) for 50%?both for $2,100 USD plus shipping which ran into about $1,100. USD I made him promise that the same thing would not happen again, I wanted my castles fast, allowing the 6 weeks for each castle as quoted on his website. He started out working on Helms Deep first. He said they BOTH would be done around November of 2010. He repeatedly asked for more money every two weeks, because he needed money for supplies, and that he was giving me a good deal, etc. So I paid him a few extra hundred dollars. Well, around October of 2010, he told me Helms Deep was finished and needed the other half plus shipping. I paid. I also decided to pay everything in full including the shipping cost for both castles?a total of $3,900. USD I waited and waited for Helms Deep to ship, he REpromised it would be there by Christmas of 2010. Then Jan 2011 came and went, He told me he couldnt find a box to ship it all in, and blamed the snow and rain in the winter?..then March 2011 came around, then he told me that Helms Deep was finished (AGAIN) but he had no money to ship the castle, and needed to wait for a new order, and use that money to ship. I waited and waited started threatening law suits, contacting the Better Business Bureau, etc?.but didnt. From the time I ordered back in July of 2010, 2 complaints had been filed at the Better Business Bereau in New Jersey. Finally I received the Helms Deep castle in about 6 different shipments?but it to this day is still not complete.

Once it was here, he said he began work on Minas Tirith, which is on his website as well. He supposively started working on Minas Tirith in August or September of 2011. He said he was building two Minas Tirith at the same time and that he would have the both built quickly becasue he needed the table space?.remember Im a nice guy?and Im excited about getting Minas Tirith?my judgement is totally clouded. He said March of 2012. He also stated that he was being harrassed by people all over the internet such as police, people on Youtube, all kinds of stuff, I didnt really care to hear, and that the harrassment was really effecting his business?and that he was filing federal lawsuits against the government?another one of his hobbies. I contacted him 2 days ago?after trying for 1 week to talk to him?after not hearing from him at all. He stated that he was not going to complete my castle because he is too depressed because of all the harrassement he is getting from people over the internet, and he cant complete my castle. He said when He wins the FEDERAL lawsuit against the US Government, he would pay me back the $2,500 USD plus 18% interest. He is blaming the US Government for people harrassing him at the police department, youtube, google, whatever. He refuses to refund my money now, and refuses to finish the castle that is bought and paid for, and over $600 USD paid.

A side note? the middle of this around jan of 2011, I also asked him to make me the black gates, with 4 mountain ranges, along with a few other things, a mountain and a bridge?.I paid an additional $500 USD down for all that stuff, I still owed him around $500. USD 5 monthes ago, my wife got pregnant, so I canceled half of the extra stuff?.and told him to just do the black gates and mountain ranges for $500 USD and that is paid in full?.he agreed.

So that being said,?.Im out of that $500 USD as well.

So all in all, Im out about $2,700 USD, and I wont get it back from this loser. I filed a compliant with the BBB today, and filed a complaint with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General?along with EVERY email he ever sent?and this guy sent me some really stupid excuses?.Im very sure he broke multiple NEW JERSEY Comsumer Laws?hopefully they will investigate him and fine him.

He also told me he had 4 other customers that he could complete the work?and I know he took thier money too.

Obviously I am a really stupid person to do business with him again?.my judgement was clouded with excitement.

His name is Tim Vawter, and I will never buy from this loser again, and I hope that he gets sent to prison.

Here is the last email from him:::::

From: Castle Works Co. [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 5:14 PM

To: Young, Tom

Subject: Re: MT

Hello there Tom, I've been having problems with my email. I have been receiving all kinds of harassment for some time now.

My castle work has suffered considerably due to the serious harassment I've been subjected to, and I am unable to complete the castle work. The harassment against me has been ongoing and I am in the process of filing federal lawsuits.

They have engaged in phone harassment against me. On Youtube they opened up several accounts using my photo, to pretend to be me. They then used those accounts to make nasty statements to people, threats, mocks and to generally start trouble and harass people.

I now have a federal lawsuit filed against Youtube and Verizon since they basically allow harassment. I am also filing a lawsuit against the government here, for failing to provide me with equal protection under the law.

Right now, we really don't have any good laws in place to protect against that type of harassment. My lawsuit will ask for existing law to be deemed unconstitutional and amended so that a mandatory minimum $5,000 USD fine is imposed against anyone who uses another person's photo or name in a derogatory manner.

They have been doing this to me off and on for years, and it has caused me depression and totally interfered with my castle work. What I am doing now, is adding up the orders my company has, which I have been unable to fulfill, and am submitting them with my federal lawsuit as "business losses". I will be demanding your $2,500.00 USD be returned plus shipping, plus any other payments you made, plus interest.

You can see the first federal lawsuit I have filed due to this harassment. It is posted at



Castle Works Co.

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58c33969, 2012-05-30, 04:43PM CDT

As of refund and he refuses to talk to the Monmouth County Consumer Affairs dept or refund my money, because he knows his acts are breaking the law.

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