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Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 at 3:31pm CDT by 8f945fc1

Product: Magic Jack Phone service

Company: Magic Jack

Location: Fl, US


Category: Other

Ive been a customer of MagicJack for about three years. On March 12th, 2012 I went to renew my monthly service and they tried to charge me $29.99 instead of the $19.99. Why is this irritating? Because their web site still says $19.95/ Year!! Some spokes guy, Mel Author is on a video on there about How its Less than $1.60/month and $19.95 a year. When I asked why they couldnt honor their Add price, they said their policies had changed. The online Rep, Ronald, was a very rude individual and when I asked for help with the reason why, all he said was I cant.

Ronald: the new rates just went up last January 20, 2012. we can't blame the advertising dept. if they haven't change the add yet.

Luke: Well....get me to someone who can do something!!!! This chat with you is going no where....and Ronald....I'll be mentioning your name in all the complaints too!!

Ronald: okay. it's all up to you.

Luke: Why be a jerk???? I'm still a customer!!!! Get me a supervisor!!!

Ronald wouldnt get me a supervisor or a supervisors name. He just stated that one is watching in.

Then he rudely ended the conversation:

Luke: You don't listen Ronald.....I want the supervisors name!!!! I'm almost done writing the complaint and I want to know who's letting you be this way to a customer!!! No solutions or answers....and I'm NOT wrong here....your ADS online and TV state $19.95 a year!!!! Thats what I paid and thats what I should get!!!

Ronald: I believe that I have already provided you all the information needed; I would like to ask permission to end this conversation with you. Thank you.

Seconds later:

Since we haven't heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance:

You are not currently in a chat session.

Its a typical move of bait and switch and false advertising AND RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!


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