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Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 at 9:56am CDT by c472b932

Product: Coventry Health Care of Florida

Company: Coventry Health Care of Florida

Location: PO Box 7808
London, KY, 40742, US


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I went to the pharmacy where I get my medicine every month, and to my surprise Coventry Health Care of Florida did not cover a medicine that is a generic brand, because they have it classified as a tier one; meaning that I had to pay a co-pay of $25.00 every month to get this medication.

Coventry Pharmacy Department denied my appeal and they recommend to try a medicine that poses more side effects and health related complications than Cabergoline, in other words they wanted to apply the trial and error technique like if I was a guinea pig.

In addition their network system is the worst, you need to get a referrral every time you need to see a specialist, I hear complaints from the Doctors office about Coventry Health Care being the worst in patient care in South Florida, if you need to see a doctor in Broward or Palm Beach you are not allowed, so what else can I say about this company where the CEOs and management didn't bother to answer a letter I sent to the directors of this organization and they never addressed a letter to me acknowledging that they had received my letter.

Shame on Coventry Health of Florida!!!

I will do anything possible to give this company the worst reputation. They don't care about the health of patients they only care about how much money they are going to get from them.

Coventry Health Care Sucks!!!


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