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Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 at 8:41pm CDT by 069cc15f

Product: Grand Tour of South America

Company: Wings for the World, aka Wings of the World

Location: 668 Mount Pleasant Road
Toronto, ON, M4S 2N3, CA

URL: http://www.wingsfortheworld,com/

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We had toured once before with Wings of the World to India and found them to be excellent. However our tour of South America was another story. Before we left, the manager without our knowledge or permission used our VISA card to pay for the international flights of several other tour members. This over extended our card limit and the cards were cancelled. We spent hours rectifying the problem.

To be fair, the tour itinerary was excellent and the tour guide was caring, considerate and very efficient. We and many of our fellow travelers found that although the tour was advertised as an "all inclusive first class tour" it had several shortcomings. The hotels were not first class and many times we experienced worn and shoddy business class or lower accommodations, inoperable equipment, no hot water and the like.

This was not what we had expected and as annoying as it was, we would have forgiven WOW for it but our written complaints were received with denials, fabrications and accusations that some of us had poisoned the group against the operator.

WOW can be excellent, but their manner of operating and lack of customer care or concern has made us wary of using them again.


bcbb39a1, 2014-04-08, 05:16AM CDT

I like to let every one known, that we had a wonderful trip to South America in Febr. 2014.

Hotels were very good and our guide was excellent. He told us very much and showed us S-A in a nice way.

Special his personalty was extra in this trip. He was never tired to take us somewhere even wen it was not in the program.

I can say after I rested a lot coming home again....this was a wonderful trip. I recommend this tours to everyone whom likes a fully planed program and a wonderful guide.

Joanne/Hanke from the Netherlands

Business Reply  John S., 2014-10-04, 02:43PM CDT

Having just recently become aware of Mr. John Towler's comments about our company and our tour I - Tour Director John Skillicorn - would just like to respond.

Indeed, we had a few issues on that particular tour with the hotels. I can assure you those problems have been addressed and dealt with; and, if you wish to Google the following, our hotel in Cusco is now the ECO Hotel.

In Lima we have a brand-new hotel called the Dazzler. It is my understanding there was a misunderstanding between the Towler family and our company regarding his credit cards. However, we would certainly not be in business after 35 years if we used client credit cards for other reasons than authorized transactions. No company on earth could expect to survive doing such a thing!

We would also like to encourage you to view the comments of our last four clients on the exact same tour and see what their reaction was: Darlene Polyscguk was so impressed with both the service and tour as well as my services as a Tour Director that she recommended it to 4 of her dear friends who will now be accompanying me this fall on the exact same tour that the Towlers did!

It also speaks volumes that - having escorted the Tour at least 2 times per year for the last 5 years - the Towler family are the only clients who have ever posted such negative comments. Personally I enjoyed the Towler's company very much and I am certainly sorry that their reaction was such a different one than the usual one of praise and excellence.

Were their reply the typical reaction, we simply would no longer be in business!

On the contrary, our clients experiences and comments have been extremely positive!

Look forward to having you join us on a future tour - John Skillicorn, Tour Director for Wings For The World's Grand Tour of South America

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