at&t - void smart phone support

Posted on Sunday, March 11th, 2012 at 1:38pm CDT by Anonymous

Product: htc/at&t

Company: at&t

Location: fort smith, ar, 72903, US

Category: Other

11 months ago i recieved a new htc ,at&t phone as a birthday gift.the phone failed after 3 weeks and battery was replaced.i experienced another failure last fall and another battery was shipped. i have lost use of phone again and at&t tells me they have discontinued support for this phone.i took my wifes old i-phone and synced to have something.this brings about more problems because customer support,having been called twice cannot seem to fully remove old phone that they want me to continue to pay for and ci-phone which will not fully activate on their part and charge me extra for use of.they refuse to rectify problems of htc phone and still charge me to use as if it could be used .i have not had use of htc phone8 weeks total @200 dollars purchase and 2 year contract.


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