Banfield - Paying Medical Plan Premium for Dead Cat

Posted on Sunday, March 11th, 2012 at 6:52pm CDT by d426d157

Product: Banfield Optimum Wellness Medical Plan for Cat

Company: Banfield

Location: Corporate Headquarters Banfield Pet Hospital 8000 NE Tillamook PO Box 13998 97213-0998
Portland, Or, 97213-0998, US


Category: Other

I am very frustrated with Banfield Corporate. I telephoned corporate to cancel the medical plan for my cat, Queenie. Queenie was diagnosed with stomach and small intestine cancer on February 15, 2012. Dr. May at Banfield in Oceanside euthanized her on February 22, 2012 which I paid for. I also paid for tests with Dr. May on February 14, 2012. So I actually USED NONE of the medical plan for the month of February 2012 even though I was charged the premium of $39.95 for February 2012.

I had telephoned Banfield Oceanside and requested a print-out of ALL of Queenie's medical records since enrolling her in 2004. When I went to pick up the print-outs. I checked them over and only one year was printed out, from September 2011 to February 22, 2012. When I told the clerk this was NOT what I requested, I was told that Banfield corporate told them to only give me one year of records.

I was incredibly blunt and demanded the clerk do what was right - not what 'corporate' told them to do. I have been trying to get Queenie's veterinarian records for the 8 years Queenie had the medical plan. Besides a very large 'sign up' fee of I believe it was $150.00, there were also monthly payments for her medical plan for which the premium increased over the years.

Today, the clerk at the local vets told me corporate called them and said to only give me a year. I told her, "That will not do. I want all the records from 2004 through her euthanasia on February 22, 2012." I have been adding up the money paid for her medical plan and dividing it by the number of office visits because the medical plan charged me on February 19, 2012 for February medical plan - when I paid for everything (tests) on February 14th and then for her Euthanasia on February 22, 2012. Now the medical plan wants to keep charging me $39.95 each of March & April 2012 - even though my dear Queenie is dead! Heartless and Ridiculous. I finally got all the figures together. Corporate had told me to call the Client Advocate Team which I did and was told they only handle specific office complaints. My complaint is with corporate and they refuse to return my calls. Queenie only had 27 visits in 8 years. I paid for services 'not covered' by her medical plan. I paid $4,118.35 - Not counting the monthly fees they want to continue charging me for March and April of $39.95 2012 when Queenie is dead. I want Banfield to do the right thing and STOP CHARGING ME FOR A MEDICAL PLAN WHEN MY CAT IS DEAD, REFUND FEB 2012 since I paid for everything in that month.


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