Ford Motor Credit - Ford Repossessed Our Car and Payments Were Current!

Posted on Sunday, March 11th, 2012 at 12:10am CST by eaac6b04

Product: Finance Contract

Company: Ford Motor Credit

Location: P. O Box 7172
Pasadena, Ca, 91109-7172, US

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My husband worked for Ford Dealers for 29 years before he was forced to retire on disability due to his diabetes. I own a business and due to the economy business was a bit slower. We fell behind in our bills and had to file for bankruptcy. Fortunately we were able to keep current on some things once my husband received his monthly social security disability payments. Our payments on our car were current and I had just made the current month's payment in which I checked that Ford received and cashed the check.

3 Days after Ford cashed my current month's check I get a knock on the door at 10:30 pm at night. I open the door and there is a man asking me if my name is .... I was really scared because of his demeanor. Then he says to me that he is there to repossess my car. I tell him that Is impossible because I'm not behind on my payments. He demands my car keys and I tell him that I will not hand over my keys. I ask him for a phone number so that I can call his office and find out what is going on.

I called the number on the card he gave me. I told the person that answered (I'm sure it was the cell number of the man in my driveway) that I didn't understand what was going on because I am not behind in my payments. He asked me if we had filed bankruptcy recently and I said yes.

Then he proceeded to tell me that Ford can repo my car even though our payments are current. I called my lawyer and due to a mix up (he thought that our bankruptcy case was still open, however it had been closed) he did not have us sign the reaffirmation agreement with Ford. He went on to explain to me that Ford can repossess my car even though my payments are current.

My husband called Ford Motor Credit and asked them why they kept accepting our payments when they planned to repo the car and the answer was, "You were making voluntary payments". Wow! Our attorney also explained to us that due to a "glitch" in the law, they can accept payments AND take the car! He also said that most companies don't do that, but Ford is notorious for it!

It's very sad that in this economy where everyone is struggling to make ends meet, a company in which my husband was loyal to for almost 30 years would do that to us! We have ALWAYS owned Fords, but NEVER AGAIN will we EVER purchase another Ford! Ford is a heartless company that accepted a government bailout then turns around and (pardon my French) shits on the people that made them a successful company!


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