Recker & Boerger - They Damaged My Hardwood Floor

Posted on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 at 12:38pm CST by 801ab28e

Company: Recker & Boerger

Location: 10115 Transportation Way
Springdale, OH, US


Category: Other

Recker & Boerger, through their delivery people, damaged my 2 1/2 year old hardwood floor, baseboard, and dryer exhaust while delivering appliances to my home. I got tired of waiting for them to show up and look at the damage they had caused so I repaired the baseboard and dryer exhaust myself, apparently at my expense. Additional expenses will be incurred for hotel costs during the repair time, additional fees for boarding my pets, and moving and storage fees for furniture and appliances that must be removed in order to make the repairs. These expenses do not include any additional expenses that might be incurred being forced out of my home while repairs are completed and do not include the cost of downtime of my business which is operated from my home. Recker & Boerger feels this damage is valued @ $400 after they sent "their guy" to assess the damage, although he confided to me, with witnesses present, that because of the type of floor, the color of the floor, and the availability of the flooring material, it could not be repaired. He would recommend sanding and refinishing the entire floor. I submitted an estimate from a reputable flooring company who also stated the floor could not be repaired and had to be completely refinished and now, because Recker & Boerger doesn't like what the experts are telling them, wants to send a "furniture repairman" to fix the damage. A complaint has been filed with the Cincinnati BBB, which did the best they could being powerless and it appears this will wind up in court. So, before doing business with Recker & Boerger, I recommend getting their insurance information up front, which is something I have not been able to squeeze out of them, and validate that information to be true and accurate.


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