Days Inn - I was robbed

Posted on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 at 9:53pm CST by e7a219b0

Company: Days Inn

Location: 213 West Fort Morgan Rd
Gulf Shores, AL, 36542, US


Category: Other

We stayed at a Days Inn in Gulf Shores, Alabama in October of 2011. The room was a little dirty and we could not get the temperature to regulate so it was not a pleasant stay. We checked out early and got a very small discount (like $5 if I remember correctly). I was content not to stay there again. On January 19 of 2012 I was surprised to see a pending debit of $100.29 on my bank account from LaQuinta (my last $100). It cleared 4 days later and I was able to start looking into it. I call the 800 number for the hotel and get corporate Days Inn. Im still a little unclear on why the debit said LaQuinta but all other information (address, phone, and bank information) told me it was the Days Inn who debited my account. Corporate tells me that each Days Inn is independently owned and operated and that I need to contact the local hotel. They say that after 5 days if I have gotten no results they will get involved.(I wasnt given a five day warning before they robbed me) I call the local hotel and often got no answer. When they did answer the manager told me they would look into it, and never got back to me. I called a few times a day every day and when they answered would tell me the manager was not available. So the 5 days was up on Friday, January 27 and I called corporate back. They tell me they will start looking into it. After a few more days and many more calls and spending my valuable time they determine that it was an unfounded charge and ask for proof from my bank and to make sure it included all pertinent information. (Mind you someone else with Days Inn had kept my bank information for 3 months). I had to spend my 30 minute lunch break going to get the statements they requested. This was the second time I did this because I also filed fraudulent charge paperwork with my bank. When I first called I just wanted my money back. After two and a half weeks of this problem, I told them I wanted my money back, I wanted my money back from our October stay, and I wanted a letter of apology. Finally, the next day they called with the wonderful news that I could have my money back (only the money they stole) and they would send me a check for the $100.29 that would only take up to another 4 weeks to arrive. I told them this was not acceptable and asked for a supervisor. The supervisor told me this was all they could do with a condescending chuckle. Not only did the Days Inn in Gulf Shores rob me but even the corporate office has such terrible customer service and policies that I will never stay in one again and I recommend the same to all of you.


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