Miami Jacobs Career College - Miami Jacobs Career College Tuition Charges

Posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at 4:13pm CST by af76873c

Company: Miami Jacobs Career College

Location: 865 W. Market Street
Troy, OH, 45373, US


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My daughter recently attended Miami Jacobs Career College in Troy, Ohio, but was forced to withdraw for medical reasons. In order to finance my daughter's education, we took out a couple of student loans. Upon my daughter's withdraw from the school, we received notification from the loaning parties that the repayment of the loans would begin immediately. Although we were prepared for and agreed to the loan repayment process, we were floored by the amount that was charged against those loans for my daughter's tuition. $3,888 in loan money had been charged for two classes. Both classes were basic entry level courses that would normally be 3 (at the most 4) credit hour classes at most colleges or universities. However, after talking to the folks at Miami Jacobs, we were informed that both classes were counted as 6 credit hours each (for a total of 12 hours). When asked how Miami Jacobs determined how many credit hours a class should receive, the Miami Jacob's representative that we spoke with couldn't give us a good answer and offered no explanation.

My wife and I have both attended universities, and we currently have another daughter attending well know and highly respected university, and in all cases, our English classes were only counted as 3 credit hours. And, the classes that we all took, required three to four times the amount of work that was required by the class that my daughter took at Miami Jacobs. Although my daughter is medically unable to attend another college or university at this time, I have no doubt that if she were to enroll in another school and attempt to transfer her credits from Miami Jacobs, we would be lucky if they gave her 3 hours for each class.

In the end, I'm stuck paying almost $4000 dollars for two classes that were at best high school level classes (although, I think both my daughters did more work for their high school level English classes), and I'm totally disappointed and disgusted with the practices of Miami Jacobs.


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