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Let me start by saying I began renting from Enterprise back in 1980 after I returned home from the US Navy. That makes me a 30 year customer.

My problem started when I rented a vehicle on 1/14/12 in order to drive out to see my 5 year old grandson graduate from his swimming class.

The day before pickup I called and requested a specific vehicle within the class of car I had reserved.

When I arrived the assistant "manager" not only lied to me about the availability of the car I had requested but had NO vehicle there to fulfill my reservation. He actually waited till I arrived for pickup and called a different location requesting a full size car right there in front of me. He told me he called all around the area and that there were no Chargers in the area. I found out that very same morning a branch 15 minutes away had a Charger, Impala, Chrysler 300 and many other full size vehicles available on their lot that morning. This "manager" never offered to fulfill my reservation with an upgraded class vehicle and instead sent me 15 minutes away to another branch (in the opposite direction of where I was heading costing me 30 minutes of wasted time) to fulfill my reservation instead of fulfilling it with a vehicle from his own lot (upgrade it if you have to).

After traveling 15 minutes to where the other vehicle was and not being happy with the size of the vehicle they had available I called this "manager" to express my dissatisfaction with how things were handled. I was met with rude and sarcastic behavior from this "manager" over the phone and it was so bad I had to remind him that I am a customer and that his sarcasm has no place in our conversation and he needs to lose the sarcasm.

After stopping at the original location to have the "manager" void my contract I called the Highland, IN location. They too are within 15 minutes of the Merrillville, IN location. I inquired with them what full size vehicles they had in stock. They told me they had a Charger, an Impala, many full size vehicles, and even had a new Chrysler 300 they could give me. Apparently this "manager" lied to me about the availability of full size cars in the area (including a charger). I subsequently drove to that location and rented a Chrysler 300 from them. I might add it was filthy, and I have pictures to prove it.

Due to this "manager's" inability to perform simple tasks related to his job I missed my grandson's once in a lifetime event.

I subsequently wrote a letter on 1/18/12 to the office of the CEO. That email was routed to their offices in Illinois and I was called by their Regional "Manager", Tom Bainbridge. He asked that I reiterate what was already detailed in my email, never apologized for missing my grandson's event, and never offered anything to make up for the bad service and bad behavior.

I wrote another letter on 1/19/12 to the CEO's office expressing my continued dissatisfaction. This one was again routed to the offices in Illinois and this time I received a call from their VP, Dennis Phelan. He too, asked that I reiterate what was already detailed in my email. He too, never apologized for missing my grandson's event. And he too, never offered anything to make up for the bad service and bad behavior.

I felt defeated and gave up.

A month later I received a letter from Enterprise stating there was a toll that I did not pay and that Enterprise was going to bill my credit card .75 to cover the toll and another $15 as an Administrative Fee. I have I-Zoom and my tolls are automatically paid as I pass though the tollbooth. I would have gladly provided my statement showing numerous tolls that were paid on that weekend. On rare occasions if a toll is missed all it takes is a call and I-Zoom takes care of it. If someone from Enterprise had reached out to me I would have gladly made sure it was taken care of. When I received the letter I called the Violations Department at least 5 different times and each time got a voice mail. I left the required info on their voice mail and to this day they have not called me back.

After missing my Grandson's event, dealing with BAD service, having to deal with unprofessional, rude, and sarcastic behavior from their branch "manager", and then being made to feel as if I (the customer) am the problem by their Regional "Manager" and Vice President.......... I have to say getting this letter about this charge was like opening the wound and pouring salt into it.

It was at that point that I began calling the CEO's office and leaving messages. After leaving several messages and not hearing from anyone I sent an email to [email protected] (CEO). It was just routed right back to Dennis Phelan (the VP) who called me. His first question to me was didn't you call a month ago and didn't I take care of this for you back then. His demeanor was immediately defensive, irritated, and argumentative. I told him I wanted to speak with Cathy Gordon in the CEO's office and that this was not the same problem. I did not explain to him at that point that the reason I wanted to speak with Cathy and not him was that I felt his demeanor left me feeling bad the month before. I did, however, make it clear that I did not want to share my problem with him. He said "you are going to just call the corporate office again after you hang up with me, aren't you?", and I answered honestly and said yes. AT THAT POINT HE TOLD ME I AM NO LONGER WELCOME AT ENTERPRISE, AND TO TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.

I explained all of this to Leslie out of Mr. James Taylor's office (Enterprise Founder) and she was the first person in this whole ordeal that actually showed some empathy and that actually said I am sorry this caused you to miss such an important event with your Grandson. She left my with a promise that she would pass the information along to the right person.

No one called or emailed me back. I waited days and called back and she rushed off the phone with me saying she would let Cathy Gordon (CEO's Assistant) know to call me back.


When I called today operators were instructed to route my calls to their customer service line. When my call was picked up I was told no one would talk with me, that my name is on a DNR (Do Not Rent) list, is staying there, and then I was hung up on.


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John F., 2015-04-23, 04:21AM CDT

I have shared a link to your complaint on the Facebook page: Enterprise-Rent-A-Car-Complaints


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