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Posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at 4:42pm CST by 9869b624

Product: CLEAR Wireless Internet

Company: Clear

Location: Clear Dept CH 14365
Palatine, IL, 60055, US


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On 7/28/2011, through CLEAR's online chat, I purchased an Internet service plan (4G Mobile Internet) at $45.00 per month, the first two months for half off ($22.50). I also opted to purchase the modem (a Rover Puck for $99 minus the online discount of $79) for $20.00, since they were having a special, and I did not want to pay the $7.00 lease fee every month for that modem.

Plus tax, my total bill was $44.03

I called several times because of service issues. (I was not receiving a good signal and I was unhappy with the product.) Eventually, I was fed up with the poor service and waiting on hold for hours at a time, and called to cancel my service on the 16th of August.

I spoke with a man named Yaz and he offered me another service plan (at a different cost per month and with a different modem). At the time, he told me my ticket number for that call and service change, but either he lied, or was misinformed, because that number, I've discovered, was actually my account ID.

The new plan I agreed to was for $35.00 per month for a Home Internet plan, and again, I opted to purchase the new modem (Motorola, a.k.a. Clear Home Modem Series M) rather than lease it because over all, it would be cheaper for me long term. Yaz said the new modem was more powerful and would receive a stronger signal, but would not be mobile - hence the new plan. I asked Yaz (at least three times) to verify that I would be given an extension of my original 30-day trial to test out the new modem and service plan. He said that, yes, I would be given another 30-day trial for the new device and new service plan, and that I would not be charged until the 28th of August.

I have no record of this conversation, as it was done over the phone. (lesson learned. I'm recording every service call from now on.) If they have a recording, I would love for them to send it my way. Though I'm sure, because it will incriminate them, if it existed, it will have magically vanished.

I was supposed to receive an email with details regarding this information as well as a UPS prepaid shipping label to return the Rover Puck.

They sent me the label, but no confirmation about the service plan change.

I tried the new modem for about a week (as was recommended) and I was still unhappy with the performance. On August 30th, I called to cancel my account with the understanding that I was within the second 30-day trial period I was promised. The woman who took my call, Yasmin, processed my request and said that I would be contacted with in 3-5 business days to go over any charges or refunds to my account.

I waited, and was never contacted. So, I called on the 7th of September and was unable to contact anyone regarding my cancellation. (They gave me a run around) Finally, through an online chat with Elgin, I was told my account balance was $110.50 for "early termination" which I feel was wrongly charged, given that I was promised over the phone that I would be given another 30-day trial period to test out the new service plan and new device.

On August 28th I was charged $40.35

(Note: this was different from the $40.93 charged for the first month, which should have been $22.50 for the first month and another $22.50 for the month after. After the plan change, I should have at least been refunded $22.50 for only having one month of service - if you can call it that - under the Mobile 4G plan.)

The $40.35 was for the new service plan at $35/mo plus a lease fee for $5.35 (on their website the lease charge for that modem was $5/mo so I'm assuming the 35 cents is for tax.)

In the first place, the charge was incorrect, because I purchased the modem, and there should not be any lease charges to my account. Neither should I have been charged for the $35.00 for service, because I closed my account within the second 30-day trial period.

CLEAR should have refunded my original purchase in full.

In their return policy, it states:

"if you cancel your CLEAR service within thirty (30) days after signing up for that particular CLEAR service (the "Return Period"), then you will not be responsible for payment of any Early Termination Fee(s) or Restocking Fee(s) (as applicable) with respect to such cancelled CLEAR service..."

My argument is focused on "that PARTICULAR CLEAR SERVICE."

Thus, after weeks of poor service, being treated like a criminal, being incorrectly and wrongfully charged, waiting on hold for hours, trying to straighten out this problem without any help from CLEAR, I called my credit card company to file a dispute against CLEAR for these charges.

Finally, (with an intensive) CLEAR contacted me on September 9th when they could no longer make charges to my account and they conducted their own investigation of the issue. (I believe the investigators name was Lance)

They tried to tell me I still owed them money for the early termination fee, the service for one month, and said they would waive the lease fee. Then they slapped me with an additional charge for the Rover Puck, which I returned via their UPS label (I have email records of these) I have no incentive to keep a product that doesn't work, and it is not my responsibility to keep track of their inventory. I fulfilled my part in returning all the items I purchased, in the same box and condition they came in.

Eventually, we agreed over the phone to waive all charges except for the half-price $22.50 for the first month of service I used, even though the service was poor to nearly useless and I had canceled that service within 30 days of purchase. I agreed on the $22.50, only because I was tired of dealing with CLEAR and their dishonest business practices, and I felt that a compromise was the best way to resolve this issue and be done with it.

I thought this was finished in September.

Clearly, the issue has not been resolved, since I received a bill for $120 some this February (2012), almost six months later. I don't even know what the charges are for, let alone why CLEAR still thinks I owe them anything, period.

SIX months, and they somehow think this is still worth their time.

I'm not paying it.

I was fine with letting the issue go back in September. But with this latest piece of work, they're throwing stones at a wasp's nest.

Save yourself the headache and forget this provider.


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