THE FLORIDA HOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTER - TD Bank Lies and Florida Mall Hotel ATM Fraud, CSR Alert

Posted on Saturday, June 9th, 2012 at 1:41pm CDT by 156de1ff

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TD bank greatly lied to and disappointed me after a long ordeal to recuperate $20 I was shorted when withdrawing $200 at the ATM at the Florida Mall Hotel in Orlando, FL (a.k.a. THE FLORIDA HOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTER at The Florida Mall).

Why would I go to the Florida Mall Hotel to use the ATM machine when I live in Orlando and could go to TD bank directly?

Because the Armani Store's credit card machine and connection was down, I did something I usually don't do - take money out of an ATM other than my bank's ATM machine. I usually go to TD bank or Publix to withdraw small amounts of petty cash.

TD Bank offers its customers who hold a balance above $2,500 (which I have for quite some time) free ATM use anywhere in the world, even promising to reverse the fees charged at places like the Florida mall hotel (where I was charged $3 to use an ATM that shorted me $20).

When I minutes after the attempt to withdraw funds from the ATM told the Florida mall hotel manager, I was advised to phone the company in charge of the ATM. Thus the Florida mall hotel management takes no responsibility, nor interest in the fraud and ripping off of its guests occurring on its premises.

Be forewarned if you are staying at the Florida Mall Hotel, visiting the Florida Mall, or having a wedding at the Florida Mall Hotel (as my cousin and his wife had their wedding reception there) BEWARE of the ATM machine and poor management at the Florida Mall Hotel who don't care if you get ripped off and short-changed.

It kind of makes me wonder if the Florida Mall Hotel is in on the racket and ATM scheme considering how nonchalant their management is about it.

TD Bank wrote me the next day (noted below) after I filed the complaint, assuring me that within 10 business days a decision would be made after a thorough investigation.

TD Bank decided in my favor and refunded the $20. Today however (June 9, 2012) I received a letter from TD Bank dated June 4, 2012 stating that TD Bank changed their mind and is now debiting my account $20 because the Florida Mall Hotel ATM sketchy company that caused all of this drama and stole my $20 claims an error did not occur.

It's amazing that companies the size of TD Bank and the Florida Mall Hotel can be so schizophrenic after a thorough investigation that originally sided with my complaint and refunded the $20.

Let's not kid ourselves, TD bank is in business to make money, which if it gets caught in the middle with outside ATM machines and companies (and cannot retrieve stolen monies for its customers) TD bank is not going to take the slack and refund the money (at its own expense - as that wouldn't be a good business decision for TD Bank).

Unless TD bank customers started to complain that TD bank was not using leverage and banking authority as authorized and regulated by law to protects its banking customers.

Likewise consumer fraud is not taken lightly, nor does it go over well in society. Thus Florida Mall Hotel and TD Bank will pay far more for not coughing up the $20 being stole from ATM users (by whatever ATM machines and the companies managing them they allow - and like partner in profit from the use of) when a class action lawsuit comes forth.

Enough repeated fraudulent behavior and customers will make some noise, complain, file police reports, take to the media, join forces and confront the forces of evil.

Take notice TD bank and Florida Mall Hotel we the people will not be defrauded, will not be silent and will see that justice is brought to bear and punitive damages rewarded for all corporate malfeasance and wrongdoing.

My initial correspondence with TD bank regarding my experience being shorted $20 at the Florida Mall Hotel is documented in full as I submitted it on April 24, 2012 via the TD Bank website. - consumer advocate, global business consultant, author and worldwide motivational speaker who has touched 68 countries empowering people to stand up to corporate fraud and injustice!

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9:05:10 AM

Sender Customer Care

Subject RE: atm transaction error

Message Dear Mr. Davis,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to your ATM witdrawl error.

The $3.00 surcharge fee will be automatically refunded at the end of your statement cycle.

At TD Bank, we are dedicated to providing superior service to all of our Customers. We have filed a Regulation E form for you concerning the (incorrect transaction amount) discrepancy.

We have mailed a copy of the form to the address on file for your account. Please return the signed copy of the Regulation E form:

TD Bank

Electronic Banking MS 02-206-02-10

6000 Atrium Way

Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

A decision will be made within 10 business days to issue or deny credit to your personal account. If the investigation cannot be completed within 10 banking days, you will receive a provisional credit. You will be contacted in writing with the result of the investigation.

The Regulation E on file for your account was filed on 4/25/12.

Please feel free to email us or call the Electronic Banking department at 888-751-9000 if you have any questions or concerns.



TD Bank On-Line

E-mail Specialist


Sent: 4/24/2012 7:47:12 PM

To: Customer Care

Subject: atm transaction error

Dear TD Bank,

Today at 17:58:12 at the Florida Mall Hotel and Conference Center lobby, when I attempted to withdraw $200 from the ATM, I was only given $180 and charged $203.

Please kindly refund the $20 and $3 fee (as I have premier checking and was told no fees apply).

The ATM machine has a phone number on it 877-271-2627 to call to address errs and problems. However when the Florida Hotel manager Dana Martina phoned the number, the automated system advised her to have me contact my bank (TD Bank) to resolve the err (because of what they claim to be federal regulations).

I am therefore contacting you my bank to file a regulation E claim on my behalf. Please do so and refund the $20 and $3.

Thank you.

Paul Davis

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156de1ff, 2012-06-23, 11:49AM CDT

TD bank legendary lies and the Florida mall ATM fraud fiasco continues! On June 19th, 2012 I phoned TD bank, spoke to Angel and Ebony, the latter of which advised me to call TD bank's supervisor who ran the failed investigation, Mr. Sean Cusack at 856-533-6910.

LOL TD bank asked me to call a number they never intended to answer, because "network difficulties" showed up on the automated pick up when I tried to phone it. Giving TD bank the benefit of the doubt, I called my own number to see if may be my phone provider with network difficulties. No! My phone works. It is TD bank that doesn't and allows consumer fraud of its customers without providing ample evidence, a copy of the Florida Mall Hotel video, or anything else to justify its deceit and defrauding customers of their hard earned money.

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