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Posted on Saturday, June 9th, 2012 at 6:05pm CDT by 379d03d3

Product: Marine Engine

Company: US Engines Inc.

Location: 8504 South 228th Street
Kent, WA, 98031, US


Category: Other

I purchased a rebuilt engine for my Boat in April of 2011 from US Engines Inc. in Kent, WA. Within a few hours of use the engine dumped large quantities of oil into the bottom of my boat. I took it back to US Engines who provided a 7 year warranty with the engine. They claimed to find the problem and fixed it after a couple of weeks in their shop. I used the boat again and same problems occurred within a few hours of using the boat. I brought it back and they claimed to find and fix the problem again. I used the boat and again the same thing, massive oil leaks with minutes this time around. I brought it back a total of 4 times in 2011 and my boating season was completely ruined. During all of these repairs they blamed the leaks on many different problems including: holes under the timing cover and fuel mixing with the oil. They even claimed to have put a different engine in my boat but the serial number remained the same on the block.

Also in 2011 while the boat was in their shop they managed to break off the key in the ignition, break off my throttle, leave wires exposed to melt and overheat on the engine which caused the electrical system to shut down. During different repairs they did not even replace parts such as my exhaust shutters and screws that hold the engine compartment in place. Worst mechanics I have ever dealt with.

In April of 2012 I had the engine DE-winterized and I took the boat out the 1st weekend in May. The engine dumped the oil again within 30 minutes of use. I complained to Charlie Silvers at US Engines and I told him I will not bring my boat back due to the unprofessional work done in 2011. He referred me to Lake Washington Boat Center in Auburn, WA. I agreed to let them try to fix the oil leak issue. They had the boat for 2 days and claim to find the problem (hold under the timing cover) and that it was fixed. We tried the boat again and it dumped the oil within 5 minutes of use on the water. I did extensive online research and found that Lake Washington Boat Center owns US Engines and Mike Crossan is the CEO. They have continually denied that Lake Washington Boat Center is affiliated with US Engines.

During online research I discovered Lake Washington Boat Center/US Engines has changed their business license and legal name 9 times. They have operated under the names: Lake Washington Boat Center, US Engine and Import Engines inc., US Motors inc., Lake Washington Boat inc., Lake Washington Boats, US Engines Corp., US Engines inc., US Engine, and US Marine and Domestic Engines Inc. I also found extensive negative online reviews. Most of these complaints and stories are similar to mine. Faulty engines and oil leak problems. Charlie from US Engines has commented back to many of these complaints with the same response: "Not our Fault" and blamed the problem on the consumer.

I agree with many of the statements in consumer online complaints: This business is fraudulent, unethical and scam artists. One complaint even stated "The owner should be in jail."

The Better Business Bureau has 33 complaint cases against US Engines in the past 3 years for problems with product/Service and Guarantee/Warranty Issues. They claim to have an A+ BBB Rating but they do not have accreditation with the BBB. I also found 30 Superior Court Cases against US Engine since 2000 and 6 District Cases. I currently do not know the nature of these lawsuits and the outcomes but I am not sure how any business can survive this much litigation against them.

They will not refund my money and they have clearly demonstrated they cannot or will not repair my faulty engine. They blame me the consumer for the oil leaking issues and they will not stand behind their warranty. I wish I had done my research before doing business with them.


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f20d9b8f, 2012-06-10, 11:08AM CDT

Dan I have never in my life came acrossed a person like you that lies.

First of all we have sold over 500,000 engines we always A+ with the BBB you Know the truth Dan that oil leak was very small and its coming from your old parts oil pan & timing cover you keep telling others its the engine Dan its not we offered to replace those parts for free and we offered to pick up your boat. Dan you never said there where other problems or we would have worked on your boat the buzzer is not the engine its your wires or senders. I'm confused Dan you spent a lot of time complaining but all you have to do is bring your boat back we will fix it and if it was the engine we will replace it. Dan all the complaints on our company are just like yours false how does that make you feel. Me I am a man I don't wine thats for the ladies. Dan your lies are way out of line there are no 30 lawsuits well there's going to be another for defamation against you. Did you think I let lie and post it. You will get the chance to prove what your saying 30 lawsuits and you call yourself a man well I guess you do.

86738e5c, 2012-07-08, 10:27PM CDT


If you want to burn your money, one way might be to take your boat back to them.

Major Lies:

No, there isn't 30 lawsuits, it's way over 60. Go to:

Under Business Name Search, select KING CO SUPERIOR CT, Civil, change year to 1975, enter US Engine in Business Name and press Submit. Over 60 cases.

BBB rating has been D+ in the past. Somehow they seem to con BBB and the rating is back up.

To see the relation between Lake Washington Boat and US Engine/US Engine & Import Engine/and US Marine Engine go to

and enter Crossan under Registered Agent's Name.

My suggestion is to run as fast as you can away from Charlie and Michael (Mike) at US Engines.


f20d9b8f, 2012-07-20, 01:16PM CDT

Dan tell me why your attorney told your to get out once he found out the truth YOU REFUSE TO BRING YOUR BOAT BACK why there is no oil leak and when you did have one was small. Dan instead of makes lies tell the truth you put in 10 quarts thats why your engine leaked. Your just a lose and tell your girl friend stop asking me out. All your wining get nothing done for you. Filing false complaint is wrong Dan you need to work on your self improvement

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