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Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 2:44pm CDT by 1d602a7b

Company: Pizza Hut Jonesboro ga

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I ordered a carryout pizza (same one I have ordered at this store for the past 5 years)and when I arrived at home and started eating it, it tasted completely different that the pizza I had been ordering previously. I called the store. (Dominique) had taken the phone order an I asked if they had changed their recipe. The girl who answered told me sarcastically that it was the same as always, and I asked to speak with the manager. She told me he was not there, so I called back an hour later, and asked to speak with the manager again. After I heard the girl talk with someone, she said the manager did not wish to speak with me and hung up the phone. I then sent a complaint to Pizza Hut and heard NOTHING for two weeks. So....I sent another complaint, and finally received a call from the manager of the store (Joseph). He left a voice mail and I returned his call and was informed he was on another line and would call me back. After waiting another four days for some kind of response and hearing nothing, I again sent another complaint since I never received a call-back from Joseph. My last complaint was emailed about 10 days ago, and STILL no response from either "Joseph" or a customer relations person from Pizza Hut. Beware of Pizza Hut - it seems they care nothing about customer satisfaction!!

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Charlette N., 2014-04-04, 11:31PM CDT

Last week we ordered a dinner box, after waiting 1 hour & 45 mins for delivery, we received the wrong pizzas. Tried to call back, was disconnected,hung up on,(& I was polite after working at a pizza place myself) I started recording my calls to them, after 18 calls & 90 minutes of calling, they finally sent me the correct order. The only explanation I got was they were having trouble with their phones.Now I had been on hold for several of those calls, only after informing them they were being recorded was my order fixed! Tonight, I try again for a large 3 topping special offer for $11,I ask for half sausage,ham & bacon and the other half chicken and extra cheese and I am informed the cheese is everything training charge of $1.50. How is that when I only have 1 topping on that side and aloud 3? Extra cheese should be considered a topping. I worked at a pizza place for 7 yrs & if you are aloud 3 toppings, and you choose cheese as 1, how does that make sense?? I am sick with how difficult it is to order a pizza from Pizza Hut in Jonesboro, GA, Southlake location, 770-471-2626. A manager got on the phone and said cheese is not considered a topping because it already comes with cheese, but I am I paying extra when I am aloud 3 toppings & only have 1 on that side? They are rude and I find them to be completely unprofessional! What happened to good service and the customer is always right? I feel so sorry for the drivers that suffer the back lash of the store employees incompetence! & never in first order offered compensation for the 4 hrs it took to get our simple order correct! Not to mention the aggravation of 18 calls to get it right! Extremely disappointed in Jonesboro, Ga's Pizza Hut Southlake location!

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