Manzanita - Why indivduals in North Las Vegas choose not to file a police report

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 9:30pm CDT by d742101a

Product: Battery / Harrassment

Company: Manzanita

Location: 4730 East Craig Road
Las Vegas, Ne, 89115, US

Category: Other

On June 7th @ 11am my son-in law was assaulted by two residents of the Manzanita complex on Craig and Nellis parking lot. When my son in law tried to do the right thing and inform the office and the security. He was told that there was nothing they could do he would need to file a police report. On June 7th at 3pm my son in law went to the police department on Ceicle. The report was taken and he was told to contact the number of the investigator. On June 8th we contacted the investigator that was assigned to the case. We felt like we had committed a crime as to the response we received. We were told that if there were no witnesses to the assault there would be nothing that they could do. Had my son-in-law lost his life it would of been a different story or maybe not seeing as in the part of town we choose to move into unkowningly being new residents to the Las Vegas area they would of just brush another crime under the table unless we get pulled over for not having a tag on the back by the correct information place on the front of teh car given by the DMV. The police harrass individuals on this side of town even when you have the selcet few whom are trying to comply to the rules of the state. I thought that in any state or town that if a person is assaulted by another individual it was considered a crime and it is investigated to the extent of protect citizens whom are new or old. No scritized to the degree of not wanting to report anything in the neighbor at all. Even when the victim knows the person by name,can pinpoint location, identify cars driven and even provide license number. The neighbor should not be in fear of report a crime whether it is considered a felony or a misdeameanor.


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