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Product: Trip Insurance

Company: Seven Corners Inc, WK Travel Inc

Location: Wk Travel Inc, 1050 East Flamingo Road, Suite S-302, Las Vegas, NV 89119; Seven Corners Inc 303 Congressional Blvd, Carmel, IN 46032
Carmel, IN, Las Vegas, NV, In, 46032, 899, US


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Subject: Misrepresentation of Insurance coverage and cheating by Seven Corners / OneTravel Inc.

OneTravel Booking Number/ Seven Corners Trip Insurance number : 10943945 Booked April 15 2012

OneTravel Inc is DBA of WK Travel Inc. 1050 East Flamingo Road, Suite S-302, Las Vegas, NV 89119, Phone 702-369-8497,

Insurance Claims/ Seven Corners 1-877-444-5013; Seven Corners, Inc. , 303 Congressional Boulevard, Carmel, IN 46032 USA

Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to bring attention to the misrepresentation of travel insurance coverage and scam being conducted by Onetravel Inc/Seven Corners Insurance. When a person buys a travel insurance, the first thing on back of the mind is flight disruptions , missed connections due to flight delays, cancellations or other circumstances.I bought my trip tickets from Tulsa( TUL, Oklahoma, USA ) to Wroclaw ( WRO, Poland ) on April 15th 2012 for my trip from April 27th and return on May 27th 2012 back to the US.Searching on OneTravel website I came across an itinerary which had just 41 minutes time gap between a connection from Chicago to Munich ( Germany ). The flight from Tulsa ( OK ) was supposed to leave at 6:22PM and reach Chicago at 8:14 PM and the next flight was at 8:50PM from Chicago to Munich( Germany ).Considering the short timeline gap between my connections I bought Trip Insurance which is advertised on OneTravel website, too along with my ticket from OneTravel Inc. They charged me $55 and once my payment went through for $1120 for the return ticket + $55 for the insurance, a page showed up on the website with a link to a pdf detail insurance certificate, stating in one section, that in case of missed connections, the insurance company will pay $750.Well, I missed my connection as the flight from Tulsa( OK ) left at 7:15 PM instead of 6:22PM on April 27th 2012 and I had no chance to catch the connecting flight. I went from counter to counter and finally rebooked my ticket at a United Customer Service Desk on the night of April 27th 2012. My next flight was at 3:40 PM on 28th April( next day ) from Chicago ( ORD ) to Frankfurt and further continuation to WRO, landing on April 29th 2012 at 2PM Poland time.

United airlines gave me a hotel stay for the night and $20 coupons to eat food. All my clothes were left at the airport checked in bag.

While I was in Chicago on April 27th I tried my best to get some information on my flight which was delayed from Tulsa to Chicago so that I could present this to the insurance company. I knew they will demand some document.I went from United Customer Service desks to desks at the Chicago airport to get some kind of information about the delayed flight and the result of which was my missed connection.

The answer was same, they dont give anything like that to the customer. Nothing I could obtain from United airlines showing that the delay of flight from TUL to ORD. They dont have anything to give to a customer was the answer I received. Finally I reached the United Customer service desk at gate ( C 16, ORD ) where a helpful lady printed a screen shot of the flight information for the flight which was delayed from Tulsa and due to which I missed the connecting flight, thats all she gave me, nothing in document the airline provide when the airline flight is delayed, the screen shot was an exception. The screen shot had the information and the lady told me that the insurance company people will understand this info and see the changed flight information and conclude the flight delayed and caused missed connection, along with the new boarding cards copies (which I attached with my claim).I filed a claim ( via printing a form from Seven Corners website ) and attached all the documentation and the old and new itinerary boarding cards and receipts of the tickets. I sent this from Poland and well within the 20 days period which the insurance claim filing validity was stated, on seven corners website.

I received a letter on May 17th ( while I was away ) from Seven corners ( attached, from Kimaya Parker, claims analyst ) asking me the reason for the delay of the flight from Tulsa, a document I am supposed to obtain from United Airlines.I came back to the US on May 27th 2012 and received the letter stated above and called the customer service of Seven Corners on May 29th 2012 on 317-575-2652 at 10:44:09 AM Central Time and the call lasted 10 minutes and 10 seconds to Kimaya Parker ( Claims Analyst with Seven Corners ).

I explained that the document ( Screen shot from United Airlines customer Service Desk at C16 gate ORD ) is already attached with the documentation I sent with the claim form.She checked the document and acknowledged it. I further stated that thats the only document United Airlines gave me. She told me that documentation is ok, after checking the documentation she said that my claimCannot go through because it was not for a flight which was for a connecting Sea Voyage, I should read the fine print about the missed connections. They only pay when there is a missed sea voyage or other circumstances. She said that she will see if my $17.04 spent on the food while in Chicago on April 28th 2012 day time could be processed, she would have to ask her manager on that.Well, I received another letter from Seven Corners that my $17.04 is approved and the rest of it denied, I had filed for $1120 trip cost out of which I was expecting $750 as stated in the Insurance Coverage document ( attached and the section highlighted ).I received another letter dated May 29th 2012 from ( attached, from Kimaya Parker, claims analyst ) that they are sending me $17.04 for the meal I had on April 28th 2012 in ORD while waiting for the new changed itinerary flight from Chicago to Frankfurt at 3:40PM.My claim is being denied by Seven Corners because the detail pdf from the Insurance Company says that the missed connections are for Sea Voyages flights.Well, If it is like that then why does OneTravel Inc / Seven Corners sold that Trip Insurance to me in first place and the detail pdf about the insurance appeared only after I paid the insurance amount $55 charged by OneTravel Inc along with my online ticket purchase through OneTravel Inc website.

Misleading me in to believing that the trip is insured for flight delays and missed connections. This is a huge scam be perpetrated by OneTravel Inc,/ Seven Corners Insurance. The way trip insurance is sold to customers give an impression that the insurance claim will be truthfully executed but customer is fooled in believing if there is a missed connection due to delay beyond customers control, they will get the money, nothing of that sort and all dramatic documentation which even the airlines dont provide are asked from the customer and then the claim is denied, because the customer didnt read the fine print or simply the insurance company is too clever. I would like a thorough investigation of this fraud being conducted on the customers and the insurance company / travel agency should compensate the claim amount. In this case $750 as they advertise, they should stop fooling people, the trip missed connections and delays should be clearly state that these are for sea voyages not for ordinary flights.

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fffab283, 2012-06-15, 09:03AM CDT

Hello Mr. Singh,

We have received your complaint and as with any complaint from a member, your file is being reviewed at this time. Seven Corners will always take comments or complaints from our members seriously and give all of the details pertaining to that file, due consideration.

When the review of your file is complete, we will update you as to the status. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns, and I will be happy to help. You have a great day!



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