Motorheads Performance - Response to Motorheads Performance newsletter dated 2 March 2012

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Product: Auto Restoration and Car Repair

Company: Motorheads Performance

Location: 4487 FM 1682

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Response to Motorheads Performance, Leesville, Texas, Newsletter dated March 2, 2012.

I briefly respond to the online comments Motorheads Performance (Motorheads) wrote in their website newsletter distributed to the public. Their website is located at My comments do not cover all points but a few major points. I first present Motorheads written comments they published (noted in parenthesis) in their self-penned newsletter on March 2, 2012. Then I respond to Motorheads comments.

Motorheads states in their newsletter the following:

Quote. Motorheads Performance proudly displays our policies. Since 2006, our classic car customers have received a "Welcome Kit" which outlines not only all of our policies, but what we need and expect from our customers, AND most importantly, what you (our customer) can expect from us.Unquote.

Response: When I had my trailer worked on Guy Algar, Motorheads Performance, I did not receive any Welcome Kit.I did not realize that Motorheads was the neighborhood welcoming committee. I thought they were an auto repair and trailer repair business. I believe they recently came up with this idea of a Welcome Kit when I took them to court based on their billing policies.

Motorheads states. Quote. When you "Google" us, you may see reviews written about Motorheads Performance that are alarming. Don't be fooled. These were written by a single person on sites like Sham Scam, RipoffReport, Complaints Board and others which ATTRACT troublemakers and those who deliberately set out to harm others and misrepresent facts. These sites appeal to them because the sites boldly state that they will NEVER remove them (even if there are false statements).

Response: Motorheads does not like bad press or negative reviews. An honest review is not a troublemaker. Websites like,, and offer the consumer the opportunity to honestly provide customer opinions about businesses that have ripped them off. Again, Motorheads Performance does not want or like negative reviews. So they have attempted to remove negative reviews from several consumer review sites. Several of the sites have removed my reviews since Motorheads has probably threatened them with legal action. Other consumer review sites have refused to remove the honest reviews of Motorheads.

Motorheads states, Quote... Guy holds 5 ASE certifications. He claims we are not certified in areas of service (painting, machine shop, etc) that we do not perform work in - WHY WOULD WE hold certification in these areas? Dozens of mis-statements. He uses words like "allegedly" and "my opinion" to try to skirt around defamation and slander.Unquote.

Response: Motorheads never advertised that Guy Algar was ASE certified until I questioned his training. After reviewing his work on my trailer, I did question his abilities. After I sued this company they listed they were ASE certified. I have since noted that Guy Algar is ASE Certified in my reviews. However, in my opinion his work and ethics remain dubious. Ethics pertains to self-promotion falsehoods on their websites, blogs, and newsletters. Did I mention that Motorheads secretly tape recording customers who have disagreements with their work product. The latter is a true statement and did occur.

Motorheads states, Quote. Almost all of the legitimate review sites including Yelp, SuperPages, YellowPages, CitySearch and MANY more have REMOVED this man's reviews for VIOLATION of their Terms of Service (i.e. false statements, defaming an individual's reputation, mentioning a business he had no interactions with, etc). Even his own internet service provider, Yahoo, removed his reviews from their sites for violating their TOS! He posts - they remove - he posts again! This has been going on since March 2011!Unquote.

Response: Motorheads did have the companies they mentioned above remove my honest reviews. It appears those companies did not want the possibility of litigation. However other sites did keep my reviews and apparently were not intimidated by Guy Algar and Andrea White. Notice that Motorheads tries to state that those sites that removed honest negative reviews about them are legitimate whereas other consumer review sites that kept my reviews are not legitimate. In other words, Motorheads believes that if any website has the integrity to keep an honest review about them they are not legitimate. This is similar thinking of those who do not want a complete story.

Motorheads states Quote. We had a customer who was due to bring her classic car to us call us upset after reading some of his reviews. This woman asked why we did not respond to him and give our side of the story, after all, "this is what they say you're supposed to do". The answer is simple. This is NOT your average person. Early attempts to do so just unleashed a flood of even more vindictive and vicious attack from him. We decided it best to let the internet sites themselves be the judge, which they have been. They have deleted his reviews, (visit our listing on Yelp, and you'll see six different attempts he has made - they're all marked "Removed due to Violation of Our Terms of Service"). Yelp is one of MANY who have reviewed and removed his reviews for violations of their Terms of Service.Unquote.

Response: At least the customer had notice of possible problems with this business called Motorheads Performance. This customer reached decisions based on reviews she was able to read. Yelp only removed reviews since Motorheads probably threatened them. There were no Terms of Service violations. Only honest and truthful facts about Motorheads Performance. Motorheads wanted me to sign an agreement to not write poor reviews about them on the internet. You know I did not sign that bogus agreement and told them where to stick that agreement!

Motorheads Performance states, Quote. Now that it's been almost a year, we decided it was time to tell our story, which is the intent of this article.Unquote.

Response: Every story has two sides. Motorheads are good at distorting and twisting the facts. Read between the lines and judge for yourself.

Motorheads states,Quote. This person was not a classic car customer of ours. He has never been inside our shop, or our two other shop buildings, yet he implies we do not have the proper shop, tools or equipment. He does not know what our standard practices are. He is a bully who is also attempting to destroy the good name of other shops in and around the San Antonio area, and even an apartment complex! Read the reviews on Good Ol' Days Garage, and it's owner Tommy Eure, and you'd be shocked to see how he too, was personally attacked by this same person. As an Alderman and volunteer firefighter in his small community, both Tommy and his family were visciously defamed. His fight has been going on for over two years!Unquote.

Response: I visited Motorheads shop ?i.e., their residential garage and their other barn several times. You can call it a shop if you want. I call it their residential garage and their barn. Again, their residence is out in the sticks off a small dirt road in an unincorporated town. If you can find the shop ? , aka their home, and if you can find their location-- make sure you have enough gas to get back home. True, I have written reviews about Good Ol Days Garage and it's owner Tom Eure. Tom Eure was caught stealing an auto part from one of my vehicles. In the presence of two police officials he admitted he had the part in his garage. He was caught in a lie and confessed to having the part in the back of his shop. I decided to alert consumers to that scam by Tom Eure. Whether he is an Alderman (he got around 20 some odd votes) in a small town does not mean he runs a good business. I also wrote a review about an apartment complex that was forcing out senior citizens. Based on my reviews, the apartment stopped this practice. In short, don't let Motorheads try to deflect the true facts about them. By the way, I have written sterling and excellent reviews about other auto repair facilities. You can check out my reviews about Motorheads Performance on several websites including Angie's List. Motorheads advertises on that website. Angies provides consumers the opportunity to write honest reviews and they keep them posted. When you read my review about Motorheads in Angies List, you will note I have had excellent experiences with other auto shops. I rate those businesses highly. Motorheads does not like bad press or negative reviews. In short, too bad Motorheads! I call it like I see it! My attorney advised Guy Algar and Andrea White that honest opinions are not libel.

Motorheads continues. Quote.Most people would stop after writing a bad review or two to vent their dissatisfaction - then they would get on with their life! We did work on a badly damaged trailer, whose manufacturer had gone out of business for this man...Edited... We did a great job on the repairs, and accommodated his requests for many additional items to be repaired or fabricated for the trailer beyond the initial scope of the job. These are what drove up the price of the project."

Response: I probably would have retracted my negative reviews of Motorheads if not for them refusing to solve their issues with me, e.g., excessive labor charges and unreasonable costs, poor installing of parts, dangerous installation of parts on a trailer, and so forth. When I attempted to negotiate with Guy Algar and Andrea White they secretly tape recorded my wife and me. This goes to the issue of their business practices and ethics. Then they tried to have me sign a ridiculous agreement that included not writing negative reviews about them. We finally had to settle the matter in court. I also had an attorney write to them about their libel allegations. They then backed off. They also did other questionable practices thereby escalating my continuing reviews of their business and ethics. Again, there are two sides to every story.

Motorheads states (Edited). Quote. Our labor charges, which were below average for classic car repairs, and at average for trailer repairs, were fair and we even threw in many "freebies", yet he complained when we charged him a small design fee (for AutoCAD specs)...Unquote. Edited.

Response: I had three estimates from similar merchants for the court's review. These estimates provided labor costs for the same or similar work. In sum, Motorheads was at least triple the labor cost of three other businesses in local communities doing the same work. Motorheads refused to believe that they are allegedly price gouging customers with their labor charges.

Motorheads states Quote, We received many e-mails from him exclaiming keep up the great work, and how happy he was right up to and including when he received his final invoice for the labor portion of the job, after which he recanted and did not want to pay.Unquote.

Response: Motorhead's last and final invoice was the central issue. Motorheads tried to sandbag me with sudden unexplained charges and high labor rates in their final invoice. I refused to pay this unreasonable cost. Hence, the issue and why I sued them.

Motorheads states, Quote. We reached out, suggested and made a compromise at which, when finalized, he stated he was satisfied, yet he now persists on trying to slant the facts and find fault.Unquote. Edited.

Response: Motorheads reached an agreement with me in small claims court negotiations. My reviews were not part of the agreement. Im entitled to inform customers of their business practices.

Motorheads states, Quote. A recent round of complaints have focused on our large website. He found two faults in the way we had worded our associations with Eckler's and our being InstallPRO members on one page of the site rarely updated. We mistakingly stated "certified dealer" when it should have said that we are an Eckler's "dealer". In the case of InstallPRO, we were a member of their team of installation professionals. They had apparently ended the program and hadn't notified all of their professionals, as they admitted in a letter to us following this person's call to them! We immediately corrected the errors and publicly thanked this person for bringing the mistake to our attention.

Response: Ecklers Inc., claimed they do not certify installers or dealers and this Motorheads claim on their website was a scam. JC Whitney wrote to Motorheads and asked them to remove their certified install language from their website. In short, they were caught with false information on their website. This again goes to the business practices and ethics of this company. I believe it is my obligation to let other consumers know about these business practices.

Motorheads continues Quote.Yet he still makes false claims, like stating that Corvette Fever, is no longer in business (they simply merged with another publication that the publisher has - as many publishers have done in these tough economic times). They still have an internet presence, and it still shows that for four years straight, Motorheads Performance was listed in their list of top Corvette shops in the country! This distinction was based on votes from their readers, yet he implies that because Corvette Fever did not visit our shop, (I'm sure they don't have the budget or time to visit a hundred shops across the country!) that we somehow misrepresented the award. The list goes on...and on....and on. Falsehoods and misrepresented facts that imply wrong-doing. Unquote.

Response: Corvette Fever is out of business. They were bought out by another company. They no longer publish. They no longer have garage or shop reviews or endorsements. The new publishing company confirmed this fact. Additionally, the new company does not have any reviews of any auto shop in their publications. It is true that Corvette Fever did not inspect Motorheads shop on their recommended list. In comparison, Triple A of Texas visits, inspects, and credits shops for their endorsement. Any business can have their friends, relatives, and favored customers write a review to a magazine stating that they are good. That does not necessarily mean that the business is good. It is often just fluff and good marketing strategy. The consumer should be aware of this fact and read between the lines.

Motorheads states Quote. How can the fact that our shop is in a beautiful, rural area of South Central Texas be BAD? That our welcoming, relaxing, home atmosphere is BAD? We don't have a sign because we don't encourage passer-bys. We value the safety it provides us and our customers! Our shop is professional. We have three auto bays and a machining area in our main shop building which is an oversized, fully enclosed garage. We also have two other buildings we utilize for parts, storage and work areas. We have and use professional tools and equipment that help us do the job right! We have the training and expertise to do the job, and we have the ethics to do the job right the first time.Unquote.

Response: Leesville, Texas is a nice rural community with nice people. My comment is that Motorheads is not actually located in the small town of Leesville but they are located on the outskirts of town. Moreover, it appears that their business is their residence location. My recommendation is if you want to take the jaunt out to the boondocks of this business that is your choice. Please make sure that you load up with gas and supplies. Check the business out yourself. Make up your own minds.

Motorheads states, Quote. No, we don't rip you off, or price gouge. You receive an estimate to start, and are updated every step of the way with phone calls and/or e-mail, along with photos of work being done. And, you are invoiced in great detail (which may be how this customer became confused), shown in blocks of the time spent at each work segment...Edited...Unquote.

Response: You may receive a good estimate to start with Motorheads, but in my opinion if you dont watch Motorheads, the last bill they submit to you may have all sorts of added expenses and unexplained costs not previously discussed. There is no confusion on reading their invoices. They detail everything from picking up parts to placing a tire on a rim. And, they bill you for everything they can imagine. I was surprised I was not billed for breathing.

Motorheads continues, Quote.Obviously some potential customers will be deterred from giving us the opportunity to help them. Perhaps they're not the type of customers who would make a good match for us anyway. We may never know...Edited...Unquote.

Response: Im glad that my reviews have helped consumers become aware of all the true facts dealing with this Motorheads. Customers can then make informed decisions based on the reviews I provide. As mentioned above, Motorheads allegedly does not want you to read negative reviews. They do not want internet review sites to print negative reviews about them. In short, consumers should be aware of complete facts and make informed choices.

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