fedex uk - bad customer service

Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 9:33am CDT by 8bafe4e0

Company: fedex uk

Location: unit14c upperfield road,eurolink industrial centre sittingbourne kent
me10 3up, GB

Category: Other

having missed a parcel delivery, my son contacted the depot and arranged to collect in person the next morning,on arriving at depot he was told that although it was on the system no one had passed the message to the driver so the package was back on the van,my son asked for a refund on his petrol as it is a 54 mile round trip and was told it wasn't possible, i phoned customer service was on the phone for 10 minutes explaining what had happened and said i would like petrol money ,i was then transfered to a supervisor and had to go over it all again and was told it was against company policy and all they could do was apologise, i could complain in writing but i still wouldn't get anything ,surely as they admit it was their mistake i am not being unreasonable in my request


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