Tech Value Direct - - stealing money

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 at 4:42pm CDT by 69d5f299

Company: Tech Value Direct

Location: 19706 One Norman Boulevard Suite #239


Category: Online Shopping

This company sold me software, never sent the original packaging just a disk and serial number. The software would not activate. Josh said he made a mistake and gave me the wrong serial number and as an apology he upgraded me to the Adobe Master Collection at no charge. Then after 3-4 emails back and forth he finally sent me the software as promised. I installed the software and sure enough it activated. Unfortunately the software would not register. That is when Amanda told me that activating the software is the same as registration. I sent her the copied text from explaining that she was wrong. Then I called Adobe they told me the serial number came back to another person and it is a academic version. I believe this company is nothing but a scam and have been giving me the run-around for well over 3 months. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DON'T BUY BECAUSE OF A LOW PRICE.


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15b6030c, 2012-06-06, 05:49PM CDT

This customer has been issued a full refund. This customer was offered a 100% satisfaction refund many times. I realize, as a company, we should have resolved his issue in a more timely manner. Hopefully, in the future we can learn from this issue. I do apologize to this customer for the unsatisfactory service experienced. We take full responsibility for this mistake. We do not sell academic/educational versions as we are not equipped for this type of eligibility requirement. The issues experienced by this customer started before the shipment of his product. Again, we do apologize for this experience and hope that we are able to work on our customer service skills. We are a small business, which is all the more reason to make sure these issues are avoided and/or resolved in a more timely manner.

69d5f299, 2012-06-20, 09:18AM CDT

This guy is not telling the truth. The card he said he gave me credit on has been canceled. I looked on line and did not receive my money. The only reason he is responding is because I filed a BBB complaint, a complaint with the States Attorney, and with the Business Software Alliance. He had every opportunity to solve this problem and instead just evaded it. The only thing he is telling the truth about is that he offered a refund, and I emphasize offered. He never gave it to me.

Selena, 2012-11-08, 09:47PM CST

I am also experiencing problems getting a refund for my product. It arrived with no serial number or packaging and I shipped it back to the company. Someone named Amanda has been helping me. They sent me a statement of the transaction being canceled, they told me that I would be issued a full refund. It has been over a month now, and I still have not seen my refund, despite writing and calling the company every few days.

7b0ad37d, 2012-12-28, 08:20AM CST

Ive been through it with this company! Ive come to find out everything about this company is a fraud. Starting with the Filing with the state of NC corporations( And has been canceled by the state due to the identity of the said owner being fraud.The address on site is to a Ups Store( just a mailbox) The address on these filing( 115 EMERALD POINT LANE

MOORESVILLE NC 28117) is to a home that is owned by A. Hammond. Upon contacting him he stated that he was the owner however rents the home out to a tenant by the name Mitch Heffner. (Ding,Ding we have a winner). Google his name. He has a past of this type activity. Contact his neighbors. This will get things done. If any one needs help just contact me.

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