CDW Corporation - CDW Corporation - False advertising/not honoring advertised price

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 1:39pm CDT by 979327d9

Product: PaperPort 14 Pro

Company: CDW Corporation

Location: 300 N Milwaukee Ave
Vernon Hills, IL, 60061, US


Category: Other

On 05/20/2012 I placed online order 1B80FQX for quantity two of CDW part # 2655482 at $28.99 + tax each with a description of "PaperPort Professional - ( v. 14 ) - complete package" which according to the product specifications on their website at that time, was to include the software and one license.

On 05/03 I received a call from "Chuck" at 877-367-7250 claiming that what I ordered was just the CD, no license and that he would need to change it to a different product costing $167.99 each. I advised him that per the website, what I ordered is what I needed and he kept telling me that either he could change the order to the $167.99 each product or cancel it. It told him I wanted what I ordered shipped at the price I placed the order at. He kept telling me he was going to cancel it (which he eventually did without my authorization) so I asked to speak to a manager. Chuck put me on hold and came back telling me there was no manager I could talk to because all the managers were in a meeting. I told him that there certainly has to be someone (a manager/director/VP) available for me to talk to unless he was trying to tell all of company management was unavailable. He placed me on hold again without comment and then the line was picked up by a "Mara" in customer care who knew nothing about what was going on, so Chuck dumped the call by cold-transferring me to customer care instead of letting me talk to the manager I requested to talk to. I explained to Mara that I had asked Chuck to get me a sales manager and requested to talk to a sales manager. Mara advised that nobody was available for me to talk to and offered to have a manager call me. I told her that the last time I asked for a callback from a manager (on a non-related incident) I never received one, which is why I wanted to talk to a manager now. Mara told me nobody was available and at that point I disconnected.

I then went to the BBB website to file a complain and there was a note that CDW requested customers contact their "Quality Assurance Team directly at 847-371-2412" to discuss the matter before filing a complaint. I called the number, which went to voicemail and I left a callback number. Two business days later, I still hadn't heard back from anyone, so I filed a BBB complaint.

CDW responded stating their website was misleading, that they fixed that and offered to sell me the product at their full $167.99 price, but give me free shipping (what a joke!).

I made a fair counter proposal, which was for them to sell quantity one (originally I had ordered two, but I was willing to compromise here) at either $28.99 or their cost (whichever was higher) with me paying the shipping, which would make me happy and CDW would pretty much be able to fulfill their obligation without losing money.

I went back and forth with them several times and they would not honor their original advertised price. You can view the BBB complaint here (not sure how long the BBB keeps it online):

In short: Do NOT do business with this dishonest, uncaring company with poor customer service!


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