Home Shopping Network - Beware HSN (Home Shopping Network)

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 5:11pm CDT by 45c205ce

Company: Home Shopping Network

Location: 1 HSN Drive
St. Petersburg, FL, 33729, US

URL: http://www.hsn.com/

Category: Other

Be very careful when dealing with HSN; in fact, based on my horrendous experience with them, I would suggest not doing business with them at all. Use Amazon - or QVC - to avoid lots of potential problems or order directly from the product company. At least you will get customer service. HSN is totally uncooperative, especially when the error is theirs. To say their supervisors are rude and arrogant is an understatement.

1. If they make errors, their Customer Service supervisors are arrogant with you, trying to put the blame on you, absolutely uncooperative. They all just spout the same script - as if they are all trained to be rude robots.

2. They permanently keep your financial information on file - and can freely debit your accounts at will. Even if the mistake is theirs, they get their money because they have free access to your financial accounts! Then try to get your money back---they try everything to make it impossible.

3. Only use one charge card not debit cards like I did. At least with a credit card you can immediately dispute the charge and freeze it. And only use one account for multiple purchases, otherwise they have access to all your accounts you've used.

4. Above all, do not order multiple items at a time. Keep it simple but even then you will not get cooperation in a disputed situation. Best solution - do not order from them!

I ordered some Christmas and birthday gifts from them while I was away from home, recuperating from a car accident. I later found out their computers made numerous errors like giving me several duplicate accounts resulting in unordered products, duplicate products and in some cases many multiples. When I returned home and saw the incredible amount of packages that had arrived and how my financial accounts had been wiped out I immediately called customer service. Since I was incapacitated and it was a total mess trying to figure things out, I asked if I could return everything for refund and start over as my financial accounts were illegally debited for unordered products and I couldn't sort their mess out.

Every supervisor I spoke with said I could only return the products that were within the 30 day return period. It was only a few days over but they would not yield or work out a solution with me. I explained to them - how can you debit my accounts for unordered products and then refuse to reimburse me because of this policy. For example, they had sent 14 pairs of the same earrings showing up in multiple packages for a total of over $600. The supervisors insisted I couldn't return them and get my money back because of the 30-day policy. One supervisor suggested I give them as gifts because if I returned them I wouldn't be reimbursed - ordered or not!

They insisted I had ordered everything even when I protested that I hadn't and that this was their mistake. Their attitude was prove it! I knew what products I had ordered, quantity, etc, but their erroneous computers did not agree. They said their computers verified I had ordered everything and I couldn't return anything for refund if they were over the 30-day limit whether I ordered them or not.

Even though most of the products were a few days over the limit, I still returned every product, hoping I would recoup my money. My accounts remained overdrawn. So they ended up with all the products as well as my money ---over $8,000 debited.

I sent letters to the CEO and 4 other officers of HSN's corporation with a full explanation of the situation. They all ignored the letters. To them you are nothing and they respond as such. I have reported this behavior to agencies in Florida as well as the FL Attorney General office. They all claimed that all they could do was arbitrate between 2 disagreeing parties. My point to the Attorney General's office was about HSN's fraudulent business practices - why should a company be allowed to maintain a customer's financial account information and be allowed to debit at will with no constraints or oversights? And more importantly, ignore the customer's disputes and arrogantly deny everything when mistakes are made. These agencies sent HSN copies of my information. HSN's "Customer Care" person responded with misinformation and the same robotic information given to me over the phone. Their solution was for me to contact their outside collection agency - where they tell you to pay up or get sued. According to them I still owed more than $700!

HSN, following their established procedure, said in their reply that I had to provide a detailed list. I had to sort out their mess if I wanted them to respond to my complaint. I responded that their collection manager had told me on the phone that she would put together a detailed list of what was sent, what was returned, debited, credited, etc. Of course she never followed through and the onus was then put back on me. The mess was even too much for them to sort out. If they had cooperated with me at the beginning this would never have gotten to this point. I knew what I had ordered but the issue was that no one at HSN would believe I did not order the rest. When I called to protest unordered items I was repeatedly told I did order them and was responsible for the money taken from my accounts. Totally uncooperative and irresponsible.

In my reply letter I pointed out HSN's misrepresentation of the facts, but nothing was resolved. It was terminated right there. I was told that the FL agencies only arbitrate one letter per correspondent. FL A/G office suggested that my only recourse was to get an attorney and listed some sources. Apparently the state makes too much money from companies like HSN. I was told by the FL A/G's office that all they do is collect the information consumers send to them in a database. I couldn't believe that the FL A/G approves of HSN's business practices. This is a dangerous company that maintains your financial information and debits at will and then is irresponsible and uncooperative with the consumer in a disputed situation.

I suggest not doing business with them, but if you are foolish enough to do so and have any problem, make sure you file a complaint with the FL Attorney General's office as they do collect this information to see if there is a a continuing pattern. You will find a complaint form on their website. Also, make it known in as many sites as possible. I hope no one goes through what I did.


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