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I joined the Inner Circle program which was a one time fee of $54.99 at that time. Joining the Inner Circle consisted of downloading the current workout videos at that time, having access to future workout videos before they go on YouTube, a 30 day workout plan, an eating plan, and access to the support group for the Inner Circle.

After paying I received an automated download link for the current videos ONLY. Have attempted contact via email 3 times. Btw, one of those emails contains a copy and paste of my purchase online reciept to prove that I paid. She never responded once to those emails. Only after I commented on one of her YouTube videos did she reply to the comment via YouTube, and that she would send it right away. After still not receiving any more information about the Inner Circle program, which I paid for, I waited a day and left another comment on Youtube with my email address and name in plain view to send the rest of the information about the program.

Then she deleted my comments on Youtube and I have not heard anything else. Had I known that I would have paid for something that I would never receive, I would have never purchased and feel scammed and downright ripped off.

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40ce7ab6, 2012-07-03, 02:21PM CDT

To Whom it May Concern,

I apologize for any feelings that you have of being scammed for that is not the case nor is it the intention of Tiffany Rothe Workouts. I put my clients first. I want the best for you which is the reason I chose fitness as my profession. I sincerely want you to get the best results possible from my program and I have nothing to gain from you being dissatisfied. I would like the opportunity to make things right. If you contact me directly again, because I do not know exactly who you are, I will give you a full refund and send you a bonus copy of my DVD to make up for any inconveniences you have experienced. Unfortuantely, human error exist in every situation and that must have been what happened here, please give me that chance to make you a satisfied customer. Sincerely,

Tiffany Rothe

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