Nikeoutletstore/ Jeff Xu - Returned Merchandise but money was not return

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 3:21am CDT by d21bb751

Product: Nike Zoom Kobe 6

Company: Nikeoutletstore/ Jeff Xu

Location: Jingyang Rd. Alley #1771 Rm.#45 ChengXiang District
Putian City, Fu, 351100, CN


Category: Other

My Name is Emy D'Oliveira from LA, CA USA. I have been communicating with since the day I returned the merchandise. They shipped me the wrong color and they tried to convince me not to return instead, they will give me more freebies. I said this is not accepted because the shoes are for school requirements for my nephew. This happened 2nd week of February when I place the order. I received it in 8 days. I returned the merchandise, mailed it on March 6 and they said they have not received the product and stopped communicating with me. I asked the help of [email protected] but never helped me at all. This guys are crooks and we are helpless. They should have advised me that my order was not available before shipping it to me like what did to me. I first got into this website but advised me thru email that they were out of stock. This websites should be stop!!! We the customers are victims!! They do not accept credit card but just debit card thats why I cannot reverse the payment.They intentionally do this so the we are the loser and we are at their mercy. Pls. do not let another victim with this site!! It's so frustrating and it is hard earned money!! Thank you and I'am looking forward to hear from you!!


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