Studio Rocket Science - Photographer fails to pay fellow Photographer

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 4:20pm CDT by d9427075

Product: Headshots

Company: Studio Rocket Science

Location: 907 B Jefferson Blvd.
Dallas, tx, 75208, US


Category: Other

I was hired by this photographer Jason Gilmore to shoot headshots for his client. Jason was never at the shoot and the contract was that the headshots would be done and pay was $220. After the shoot was done, the client expressed that she did not like the lighting after saying the exact opposite at the shoot. Jason refused to pay me because he didnt like my lighting even though this was a subjective opinion that has nothing to do with the contract. After expressing my experience via facebook, many others came forward to tell me their stories of disrespect and lack of satisfaction from the Gilmore brothers. Beware, they are really cocky and rude.

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8233fe16, 2012-06-04, 06:18PM CDT

This is the full story, I had to find another photographer to do a shoot for me which o was not able to do. The client agreed to let me find another photographer. I contacted Aaron fairooz to see if he could do the shoot because I liked his work and liked his character.

Via facebook I asked him to shoot the project.

There was no written contact btw.

After the shoot the client informed me that Aaron fairooz had another photographer shoot this project which he did not inform me he was doing.

The client then told me of the complete lack of professionalism and lack of talent his friend displayed at the shoot.

I tried to comfort the client that I was sure the images would still turn out well.

Then the client forwarded me Aarons friends pictures.

The lighting, posing and direction were awful.

The client asked if we could reshoot, I offered toreshoot and was still planning on providing a partial compensation to Aaron fairooz.

Then the client contacted me after a phone conversation she had with Aaron, informing me she would be finding another photographer and was very upset over the disrespect, and conduct on Aaron and his friend.

With that she was not going to provide any compensation for the shoot. After hearing the things that were said and the loss of business that resulted it was decided that Aaron would not be compensated. I informed him of this in writing.

I asked Aaron fairooz to shoot, I never hired his friend and was not informed. Aaron voided our agreement when he decided to have someone else shoot the project and especially when such a poor quality product was delivered.

I was not paid because of Aaron's conduct and the poor product provided and Aaron will not be either.

Now I find out that Aaron Fairooz of Fairooz Imaging has decided to slander me first on facebook and various other places online.

Aaron has shown his complete lack of professionalism and childish conduct.

So if you are looking for a photographer be arned that if you hire Aaron fairooz, he may have someone else shoot it, and there is a good chance the product will be incredibly poor.

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