Comedy Central - South Park Discriminates against Native Americans!

Posted on Saturday, June 30th, 2012 at 7:07pm CDT by 6b6f484e

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Company: Comedy Central

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I just watched an episode of South Park called Red Mans greed (2003) Episode 116 Original air date 04/30/2003 and I could NOT believe the way you put us down!! I am Native American and proud of it and I am sick of people putting us down! We have been treated worse than the blacks and STILL are! This needs to stop! We are no longer to call Blacks the N word or gays the F word and so on.. Why keep saying we are greedy after what the white man did to us? What you put in that episode of South Park has gone TOO FAR!

Native Americans nor anyone for that matter deserves these kind of outrageous abusive attacks in the name of "comedy".

The American people will help protect the Native Americans from such sharks as Matt Stone and Trey Parke

I personally plan on making this issue a public issue and plan on boycotting your show and have it REMOVED from cable tv. This discrimination has to stop! We want something done about this!!

Let us proud people have the privacy and dignity we deserve.


Rebecca Moore


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