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Posted on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 at 7:39pm CDT by d065be0f

Product: oung America Built To Grow Crib

Company: Young America by Stanley Furniture

Location: P.O. Box 30 1641 Fairystone Park Highway
Stanleytown, Va, 24168, US


Category: Other

We purchased a very expensive built to grow crib from Young America by Stanley Furniture. We chose to spend 3-4 times as much money for a crib, because it was supposed to be made in the USA, high quality, and greenguard certified. Instead we received a crib exhibiting poor workmanship and many defects in the finish. We sent pictures to the company and explained the photographs could not fully show the extent of the defects. This is the response we received from customer service:

Thank you for contacting Young America. We appreciate your choice of Young America and we are sorry to learn of your disappointment with the finish of the crib.

"I have reviewed the photos sent to us by the Stanley sales representative. The photos were also reviewed by the Quality Control in the plant where the crib was manufactured and finished. All the photos show different grain patterns of the natural hardwood characteristics that are pieced together to manufacture the crib. (This is really the beauty of buying a crib constructed from sustainably harvested, North American forests.) The crib is within specifications and I do not see any defects in the photos. The only way one can get a consistent grain pattern would be to purchase a crib made of synthetic material like vinyl print over press board that has a simulated wood pattern repeated over and over again. I will be happy to send out a furniture medic to inspect if you wish for us to get another opinion.

Again, thank you for your continued interest in youngAmerica.

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If we can be of further service or email [email protected]

My Regards,

Brenda Ferguson

Consumer Relations Specialist

We have other solid wood furniture and fully understand grain pattern. This has nothing to do with poorly spread stain, rough finish due to inadequate sanding, and rag marks left in the finish. This is certainly not the quality you expect for a $1000 crib!!. The customer service response was rude and insulting. We have returned the crib to the company from whom we purchased the item. I feel it is important for other people to be aware our experience with young america's customer service. Setting up the nursery for our first child was supposed to be an fun and exciting experience. Instead we were forced to spend a lot of time and energy in order to return an inferior quality crib.


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