COMPUSA PR - COMPUSA did not accept my debit or my form of ID

Posted on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 at 4:22pm CDT by 25dfd572


Location: Plaza del Caribe Ave, Rafael Cordero Santiago Ponce, PR. 00732
Ponce, Pu, 00732, PR


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Today I went in to buy about 5000 worth of mercendise. When I try to check out, the lady took my visa bank card as a credit (requiring signiture). The person at the frount desk asked for an ID. I gave her my license, which was expired. She did not accept it EVEN when it was only 2 months expired. I then offer a voting card (a government ID card to vote) and she did not even looked at it, and said it is not accepted. After standing around for a second, she FINALLY (unwillingly) goes to visit the manager, and hardly 10 seconds later comes back and says it is not accepted. She then keeps saying that we only accept drivers license and that was it. I left all my stuff. at CompUSA they hardly work with you during checkout. They could have let me pass without an ID, since I did have a valid Voting Card with my picture and name. If you go in there, make sure you have a valid drivers license or passport, and get ready for bad looks when you buy alot of stuff.


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