Samsung - Playing NetFlix

Posted on Friday, June 29th, 2012 at 11:14am CDT by a6acf870

Product: Samsung-blue ray player BD-E5700

Company: Samsung

Location: Wo, US

Category: Other

My blue ray player which customer service had knowledge that they were having problems with it.

Rather than admit problems existed they blamed the other parties, cable provider, router company, and Net Flix. Other parties would blame it on each other. I purchased a 75 ft. ethernet cable, paid somebody to run the wire for direct contact, thinking it might be the router, didn't help.

Customer service is only located in the Philippines,

which are not cooperative or easy to deal with.

They would transfer you to a supervisor who would not pick up, after waiting for long periods of time

finally hung up.

Replaced faulty blue ray product with BD-E5900,

a later model, the problem ceased to exist.

Also have Samsung TV, but with the service available I will never buy a Samsung product again.


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