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Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 at 3:05pm CDT by 7c5c0777

Company: Sears

Location: South bend, In, US


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My refrigerator/freezer got warm and we lost some food. We had purchased a Home maintenance agreement on the refrigerator so it was under warranty. The event occurred on a Sunday so sears could not schedule service until Tuesday. I turned off the refrigerator to keep it from burning up. When the repair technician arrived he would not look at it until it had been turned back on for 24 hours so he rescheduled for the next day.When he arrived on Wednesday the control board had reset and the refrigerator was working. He said he could not fix what wasn't broken. One week later, the refrigerator is making intermittent noises like a motor boat and getting warm again. I called for service again and left the unit on. The service technician called the next day and asked what the refrigerator was doing at that moment and it happened to be running normal again. He cancelled the repair call and said he could not fix it until something was broken while he was there and that I would have to live with it until i could record the noises or it quit completely. I called the service hotline and they said I could schedule to have a different group do a routing check out under my service agreement but the earliest time available is 4 days away. Sears is telling me basically that their contracted technicians can not troubleshoot intermittent equipment and that unless it fails to the point of death I have no recourse. I was then hung up on by the customer service person in the resolution center when I said that the technician is hired by Sears and both her and the technician are representing Sears to the customer.

I want my refrigerator repaired or replaced or I want the money paid for the service contract returned with interest.

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d5fdef91, 2012-08-30, 07:01AM CDT

Consider yourself lucky. We also have the Home Maintenance Agreement. Last year our refrigerator's broke and it took 12 days to get a someone to come show up. When they did they did not have the part. We could not reschedule the new appointment until the part came in so the next appointment was not for another 8 days. The phone support bordered on a spoof of an horrible customer support center. Now a year later, same problem. Again our appointment 9 days away. This is our refridgerator. It's not a hot tub. We need a working refridgerator. Our Visio TV malfunctioned in May. The service tech was here in two days and fixed the TV that day.

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