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Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 at 5:20pm CDT by 5de47e81

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I booked and paid for three hotel rooms in portugal on the 30th of May. All three were meant to be seaview rooms and the total number of nights for all three was 13 nights.

I rang just by chance on the 24th of June to book another room and quoted my previous reference number so that my previous booking could be replicated. The advisor I spoke to advised me that my previous booking wasn't a room with seaview like I'd been quoted and paid for!

I spoke to a supervisor who promised to listen to the call of my original booking and get back to me. Needless to say after going round in circles, I finally spoke to someone else today (started whole conversation from scratch, then was passed from pillar to post). I got a call back this evening and was told that although they agreed the error in the booking was on their part, they still wanted me to pay the difference in cost of the room. The difference in cost being what the seaview room costs today compared to what it cost when i booked it in May, like 300 for their mistake and they'd refund me that amount in seven days.

Has anybody ever heard of such nonsense! If they agree they made the mistake to begin with, what right do they have to ask me for anymore money? They've really got some nerve. Someone help me out, am I going mad or what?

Shouldn't they rectify the booking and apologise (profusely for that matter) for getting it wrong and the aggravation they've caused me?

I'm going to complain to ABTA. They have no right to be asking me for anymore money at all!


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