Weaver Automotive-Team PRP Premium recycled parts - Used Motor- They send you what they want you to have and NO REFUND FOR YOUR BIG MONEY

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 at 2:56pm CDT by a5f22d02

Product: Used 2005 Dodge Magnum motor

Company: Weaver Automotive-Team PRP Premium recycled parts

Location: 9001 Stitt Street
Monroe, NC, 28110, US

Category: Other

I called and ordered a motor from Weaver Automotive in NC. for my 2005 Dodge Magnum. During my phone transactions I was never told no refund. The first motor DID NOT work they picked up that motor from my mechanic. The second motor was for a Chrysler 300 I had already purchased parts for the Magnum motor and they did not want to cover the extra labor and cost of my mechanic to put in the Chrysler 300 engine. I even call the Chryler and Dodge dealer to see if this could take place they said yes but it things take cost extra money will have to be changed. I called the warranty person they would not tell me if they even had another Dodge Magnum motor on hand, so I hand someone to call and they was recorded I still have the conversation on tape and they said they these motors on hand for 11 days for one and 23 days for the other so that means they had on in stock when they sent the Chrysler 300 engine to my mechanic. I asked for a refund they told me I can get a credit($1,567.81)I told him I do not want a credit. They was unwilling to send me a Magnum engine. So CUSTOMERS DO NOT MATTER to them and they will send you what they want to send you what they want to have even if it will cost you more money. So buy local in your state. I talked to supervisors they didn't care either. WOW!!!!! BUY LOCAL I STAY IN GEORGIA AND THEY ARE IN NC. Single father of two kids. Do not have money or time to waste BEWARE


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