Reliant Air Conditioning - robbed by Reliant Air Conditioning

Posted on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 at 12:09pm CDT by 2fdf3cd8

Product: Reliant Air Conditioning Service

Company: Reliant Air Conditioning

Location: 3250 Story Road West Ste 106 License #TACLA34473E
Irving, TX, 75038, US


Category: Other

Feeling like I have just been robbed by reliant air conditioning. First, when I called, the lady that helped me set up an appointment was very nice, and helpful. She explained that there was a service charge. She said that the technician would inspect my a/c system, and let me know what it would take to get it fixed. That part was all good. It was the rest that was not as it was explained to me. The technicians came out, on time, and took a quick look at my a/c system. In less than 3 minutes the technician then said that my system was low and I needed Freon @ $50 per lb and was talking about 11 to 12 lbs, He then explained to me that it would be an additional $159.00 to find out what was leaking on my system, or that I could just pay for a service contract. He then speculated that there was leak was in the evaporator coil. Within 15 minutes My bill went from $79.00 to almost $3000.00 this was even before the so call engineer even checked my system out. I had to in the end tell the guy to leave pay him the so called service fee was a scam, still not knowing what is wrong with my system I call A local air conditioning company that did not charge a call out fee. within 15 minutes of arriving he told me that the system was low on Freon and with some sort of device had also found the leak. it only took 3 lb of gas and a quick repair of the leak. total cost of repair $285.00. this has led me to believe that reliant air conditioning service call was a lie, or at least misleading. I will not be recommending any of my friends to this company, and encourage others to find a more trust worthy group for service.


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